Dear Daughter … From my baby to a teen

Dear Daughter

Today has been so overwhelming. I have watched you grow into the beautiful human being that you are. In all the years that I have nurtured and protected you though, I just never imagined this day would come. Today you turn 13, you are now a TEENAGER.

You are now becoming your own person, and yes we will not always agree on everything. You will now start seeing life with a different eye. The lessons I taught you will start being questioned. That shelter I created, the cocoon I kept you in, will be shattered into pieces. Your friends opinions will start to matter. Peer pressure might kick in.

All I ask and pray for, is for you to take this 1 thing with you;  Let God lead you

“The Lord is my shepherd…”

~ Psalm 23:1

God is a good shepherd. He is always looking out for your well-being, your happiness, your joy, hoping that you find passion and purpose, and everlasting peace. We spend our lives searching for these, in all the wrong people, places, and things. The problem is that only He knows how to get there. You have to let Him lead you.

And He isn’t going to lead you to a place or a state of mind. He is going to lead you to Himself, into deeper relationship with Him. In a sense it is kind of about the journey, because our goal is to know God intimately and as we follow Him throughout our lives He reveals Himself to us little by little and we fall deeper and deeper in love with Him. I will not always be there as your mom, even if I try. But God, my child, will always be there for you.

Happy Birthday my Princess. May you receive all your heart desires.

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