5 Must-have looks for the Modern mom

1. The leather skirt

A leather skirt gives a modern mom a sense of toughness, competence, and edginess. I mean who said you can’t be hot just because you are a mommy. The leather skirt is one of the perfect wardrobe pieces that is actually super flattering for all shapes and sizes. It’s perfect for girls night out. Pair it with high heels and go paint the town red.

Mermaid dress

2. The Mermaid Look

Nothing screams timeless like a Mermaid a dress. This look dates back to the 50’s and we keep re-inventing it. The beauty of a Mermaid dress is that it accentuates your assets. It’s perfect for all body types and will make your waist look slim. If you are lacking on the bosom side you can tighten the top of the dress and you’ll look well endowed. This is my go to look when I want to channel the sexy curvaceous Marilyn Monroe .

maxi dress

3. The Maxi Dress

The Maxi is always a winner. A lot of  women avoid wearing maxi dresses because they think it makes them look a little too plump but you’d be surprised to see the results if you got the right one. Let the emphasis lay on your waist, pick a maxi dress with a cinched waist line. We love the fact that you can dress up or down with a Maxi dress. Just introduce a denim jacket for a casual look.

Ankara pants suit

4. The Ankara

We thought the Ankara / African print look was a trend that would eventually die, we were wrong. One of the best things about African fashion is the array of bold statement colours and prints. You can either make your whole outfit bright, bold and beautiful or just choose a statement piece to incorporate into your look to add a new element of interest to that black blouse. Whether that is through a pair of shoes, stunning necklace or a flowing skirt, the end result is as fantastic as ever.

A-line skirt suit

5. The Skirt Suit

A line skirt is tight at the waist and hips and flare out from the hips.

This skirt has a triangle shape and it’s flare will add to the hips. Emphasize your waist by putting on a belted jacket. The skirt suit comes in different style, but will never get out of fashion for a modern mom. Wear it to the office of a wedding, you’ll always look dazzling.

  1. Wow what a stunning collection you own absolutely love ankara and maxi dress! You definitely look timeless and elegant

    1. Yes, the Maxi is my definite favourite. I love it.

  2. I love all the different looks! Especially the maxi dress! Very classy, yet modern and chic.

  3. We’re huge fans of maxi skirts and 1950’s cuts – so that skirt suit would be great for us!

  4. The Ankara and skirt suit are my favorite picks! You look so beautiful in every outfit thou

  5. You dress so nice. I especially love the maxi dress. The color and everything speak out to me. I live the bold prints too. Love your style.

  6. Oh my god, I thought nothing was gonna stun me more than that mermaid dress but you in that SUIT dress!?! I’m in awe!!! You look amazing in everything you wear!

  7. You got some serious style love how trendy you and the family are. Keep it classy i love it

  8. Wow thumbs up for these awesome list of outfits! I totally love the Maxi dress and the shoes.

  9. oh wow!!! You look so gorgeous! And super love the ootd, amazing!!!


  10. Wow, I seriously love all these looks! They all look so great on you too! You have quite the collection; they are gorgeous!

  11. That maxi dress is one of its kind. Unique, and beautiful. The perfect pick for fit and selection for you.

  12. I love all these looks. You’re definitely rocking every single one. I think i love the maxi dress the most, wait.. I love the mermaid look… I can’t seem to choose!

  13. You killed all these looks! All these looks from the leather skirt to the ankra print to a mermaid dress is definitely needed in our closet.

  14. This is so lovely! How I wish I was as talented and could pull off such a look.

  15. Love the styling of the Mermaid Look! I definitely feel that I could pull this version

  16. Yes to all of this — more so the maxi dress! I love leather skirts as well.

  17. I don’t dress up much because we don’t have a lot of time for entertaining or going out. These are some great pieces and you look fabulous in them!

  18. All of your outfits are absolutely gorgeous. I especially love that maxi dress.

  19. I love your different looks! The Mermaid Look is a gorgeous one!

  20. Get it Mama! I wish I dressed like that. I love that maxi dress the most!

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