5 Ways to sneak Nutrients into your kids meals

I’m the queen of sneaking nutrients into my kid’s foods. I have mastered the art of it and pride myself of such a discovery.  Below are 5 ways you can sneak nutrition into your kids food.



  1. Smoothies

The beauty of smoothies is that you can through in all your green and disguise them with berries for colour. Human beings are very visual, so when they see a green drink it immediately translates to ‘disgusting’. What helped from my side was introducing green smoothies when they quite young. Also, I involve them in the process. So they get to choose which fruit should go into it. This somehow makes them feel like scientists. They created something, therefore it must be yummy. Who else to believe in your own creation that yourself?


2. Baked goodies (muffins, pancakes, pizza, etc.)

My muffin mix includes incorporates for Pediasure and the kids actually love it. It’s easy to include it because it basically tastes like vanilla. So I replace the vanilla essence with the Pediasure powder. You can substitute vanilla essence in all your baking. See the pancakes yumminess here…


  1. Wraps

The secret lies in your filling. I choose wrapped foods such as sausage rolls, wraps, rotis and sushi as ways to hiding away vegetables. I also puree vegetables to make healthy spreads to smear in sandwiches and rolls.


  1. Pasta/Spaghetti meatballs

Pasta sauce is a great vehicle for disguising vegetables. Try to match up colours to fool little detectives, choosing pureed cauliflower for white sauces and carrots, pumpkin and red capsicum for red sauces.


  1. Ice cream/ice lollies

We love making our own ice cream. The kids enjoy how different it tastes every time even with the same ingredients. Most times I let them go wild, with an exception that they must include one veggie. So they feel like they are on junior MasterChef and want to impress mommy. You’d be surprised how yummy spicy cinnamon pumpkin ice cream turns out to be.

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