A letter to my Superman – Happy 4th birthday

Writing this letter to you means so much to me. This is not just a letter about your 4th birthday, it is so much more than that. I’m just pouring out emotions because 4yrs later, I feel so much stronger and better. All your birthdays were bitter-sweet. Bitter because they always marked a reminder of my scary Postnatal depression movie. I would be so confused as to how I should feel. Half the day would be filled with appreciation and love, the other half anxiety and doubt.

I hope you’ll always know that I love you. I wanted you so much that we had an IUI to conceive you. The first year of your life was such a daze for mommy. Crying, extremely anxious, doubting my abilities as a mom. I was so scared to lose you for some reason, knowing very well that GOD is in control. I held on too tight, wondered if I’m enough a mom to you, if you even knew who I was. Each year came with a bit of healing. I started crying less. I started appreciating you more. You gave me so much strength. Every time you cried and yelled for mommy, you made me feel so wanted and needed. I needed to feel that. To know that you love me regardless of my imperfections. Because of that, we’ll always have a special relationship. You see, you helped me be a better person. Not just a mom but an overall secure woman who believes in herself. Yes, you helped me love myself.

So I write this to you on your fourth birthday because I’m completely out of the storm. Today was a very happy day for mommy. I cried this morning, not because I was sad but your reaction when you opened your minion toys. You were so excited and happy. I looked at you and knew that I am a great mom. By no means am I perfect, but I love you and that’s enough to you. May God bless you and help you reach your highest potential. May you exceed your own expectations. Happy birthday my little Superman…


  1. What a beautiful post Lebo! Happy happy Birthday to you too

  2. Thank you my friend, this is very close to my heart.

  3. With you by his side he will climb the highest mountain. He will reach his potential and more. He will achieve God's plan for his life. Happy belated birthday Olu. Sorry I'm only sending this now, I had no phone yesterday

  4. What a beautiful tribute! A reminder of how far you have come and a celebration of a beautiful life. Hope be had a wonderful birthday

  5. You selected a great party theme and your son is so cute. I wish him all the success and joy in life. I also want to plan a themed party for my daughter. We are looking for best Boston venues but not sure from where to start.

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