About Me

I am married to my soul mate, my best friend, God’s gift to me after a terrible divorce. He makes me laugh, holds me tight when I cry, spoils me with the most expensive gifts, and loves me unconditionally. Mr X is fairly known (he’s a DJ) soooo, this might be the 1st and only pic u’ll see of him..(what phrase do they like to use “protecting his identity”, lol)……

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I am a mother of 2.. Princess Palesa who is a tween now, very girly, and calls herself Miss Flower Jackson. Palesa means Flower in Sotho, and Jackson, well, lets just say she had a vision of herself and Michael walking down the aisle.


My son Oluthando. We call him Superman cos he really looks like a superhero..Tall and handsome..awww, need I say more. He’s very relaxed like his dad, loves… loves his food and his sleep, also like daddy..hehehehe.
With the birth of my son, began the hardest episode in my life, Postnatal Anxiety and Deppression coupled with PPOCD. I started my blog to bring a lot more awereness of pnd in South Africa. I needed this blog 6months ago, someone to tell me that I’m not alone…I searched and searched, and met beautiful women from the Netherlands, USA, China…all over the world. But none from my country, none in my culture. I cannot be the only one, not when 13% of women go through this. And so I share my story and journey to help others after me. It just might save somebody’s life.