Dear Single Parents | We see you

My first marriage lasted for 1 year and I’m not exaggerating. We had known each other for a while, were madly in love and thought that’s what we wanted. I ignored all the signs that something was amiss. You know when they say: ‘Problems are only heightened after marriage’? True story. Everything that could go wrong, did. Weighing only 45 kg and carrying my 1 year old daughter, I left everything behind. And just like that I became a single parent. I write this from a place of love and appreciation because that period of my life shaped me into the parent that I am…. Dear Single Parents

To you single parents

I want you to know that I see you, I was you.

I know you didn’t choose this.  This wasn’t your plan. You didn’t want to raise your children without their father/mother.  Doing this alone was not part of the plan.

You didn’t expect his death, nor anticipate divorce.  Neither did you foresee separation, or prepare for his absence.  You thought they’d always be there. Never, in a million years, did you imagine that you would become a single parent.

I know you wake up every morning wondering if the decisions you made the day before were the right ones. If maybe you should’ve tried harder to make it work. I know every time your child acts out you blame yourself for their reaction. You think it’s because you are not enough, your child needs more.

Listen, you are amazing

If nobody has ever told you that, well I’m telling you that today.

You probably don’t always feel this way, but when I look at you I see strength. I see courage, determination, endurance, and self-sacrifice. I see a parent who overcomes obstacles; who gets things done and knows how to hold her own.

I see God’s hand working in every aspect of your life, and I take comfort in the fact that like you, I will never be alone.

I hope you can find some comfort—some encouragement—in knowing that you are an inspiration to others. Because you are. I know you struggle at times, and that it’s not easy doing what you do. But that’s what makes you amazing. Because you keep on doing it.

My daughter is 15 yrs old and such an amazing, motivated human being. She is intelligent, humble and appreciative. Yes she gets moody sometimes, but so does every teenager. This just proves how normal she turned out. So please give yourself a break. Mommy/daddy, you are doing an outstanding job.

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12 thoughts on “Dear Single Parents | We see you

  1. I have many friends that are single parents, and my oldest brother is/was a single parent. It always helps to have a really good support structure, friends, other family members, etc. And indeed, they are amazing!

  2. This is such a great reminder for many single parents who lack encouragement, support and appreciation for all that they do. While I can’t know what it is like to walk in their shoes, I can respect the wonderful, selfless and often thankless tasks and situations they cope with each day. The world is truly a better place for their efforts.

  3. oh Mama ! you both are fabulous ,my own mum was a single parent and to this day i have huge respect and gratitude to her for working so hard in order for me to have a roof over our heads and food on the table x

  4. I have a lot of respects to all single parent out there as I have a sister who is also a single parent raising her kid on her own without the help from anybody. I know how hard it is to be in that situation because I saw it from her and I am proud of her because she became stronger because of it.

  5. My parents separated when I was just 5, and I’m so grateful that they were still able to be the best parents possible to my brother and I. It’s difficult though, I could see that, raising two kids.

  6. You both are beautiful! I have so much respect for single parents. I have a few friends who raise a child alone and it is at times not easy. It sounds that you have grown so much and I am sure it has shaped your daughter as well into this amazing human being! You are amazing;)

  7. i too applaud single parents. you see the widowed parent who is struggling to cope with the loss of their spouse and giving a semblance of normality to their children. it is an amazing job well done.

    p.s. love the formal photo of you and your daughter on the bench.

  8. You are right. After 29 years of marriage, I never in a million years thought I would end up a single mom. I am so blessed to have great support. It’s still hard, but it’s better every day.

  9. looks like you are doing a fantastic job as a single parent! I cant imagine how hard that must be. thank you for being an inspiration for others

  10. I had always repected, supported and apllauded single parents because of the hard work they do, when I say hard work it means they have to give the child the love of both the parents alone. I do have friend, even he is a single father, he really works hard and handles his daughter perfectly.

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