Wordless Wednesday – A tranquil hidden gem in Jozi

Being a fitness junkie, I always try to find interesting new and fresh spots around Jozi to run, hike or just workout. I do Parkrun every Saturday at our park, and always felt I wanted more of that. The beauty of Parkrun is you can walk if you don’t feel like running. For us it’s the best solution because dear husband hates running. And now Discovery has added “My run” , a Sunday version of Parkrun. We tried out the RIVERSANDS FARM VILLAGE and got hooked. The trail is easy enough for the kids, and the best part is we get to enjoy the market after our 5km walk.


  1. I loved the pictures. It shows that you and kids have enjoyed your day.
    Stay blessed.

  2. I share your husband’s dislike of running so this nice walk would be just perfect for me too – and it looked like such a nice day too!

  3. What a beautiful place to get out with the family and enjoy nature! Looks like the weather is cooling down there too. Can’t wait for fall to finally hit the south!

  4. Looks like a fun place for everyone, runners and non-runners alike. And I’d love to check out the market afterwards too.

  5. The pictures of your family are wonderful! I wish I shared your passion for running. Iā€™m more like your husband, I hate running! We have some great trails where I live so I am definitely going to try a family hike this weekend. Thanks for the motivation!

  6. OMG those minion tyres ! We love how all your photos exude happiness šŸ™‚

    And this place you have featured most certainly sounds like a treasure

  7. I too used to hate running. Iā€™m finally starting to like it! I only wish I lived in such a pretty place as you to enjoy running outdoors.

    Hannah Rooks | therookiewife.com

  8. I too don’t like running like your husband but I love walking / hiking. Iys very evident that you guys had a great time. Nice pics.

  9. I LOVE the photos – I live in Charlotte, NC and am constantly discovering new places to run as well. The prettier the landscape, the easier the run seems to be (for me, at least).

  10. Looks so gorgeous out! You have a lovely family! I love a walk in the fall!

  11. Lovely pictures šŸ™‚ That minions on tire look so cute.. seems like you enjoyed your day so well.

  12. This is so beautiful, thanks for the heads up! You guys are a gorgeous bunch šŸ™‚

  13. Wow it definitely is a hidden gem what a lovely place to have some family time and explore. You took some beautiful pictures.

  14. Seems like a wonderful day. I’m always looking for the next best spot to exercise in too. beautiful pictures and beautiful kids.

  15. that is truly a gem hidden in the world… looks beautiful and full of adventure for the family… I’ll have to keep this in mind for a sunny day! love the photos!

  16. What a nice, quiet place to visit! Love the pictures!

  17. My mind got stuck on the Minion tires. They are beyond awesome šŸ™‚ Your family looked like they enjoyed the day šŸ™‚

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