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The number one question I get every single time I meet an insta/facebook friend is…. ‘How do you look so amazing all the time?’  I suppose the real question is ‘how am I such a fashionable mommy when there’s motherhood, wifey duties, fitness and a demanding career’.

1.  I don’t dress for my body type

I made a conscious decision that I will not let society define my style. In actual fact I don’t have a specific style that I stick to. I just wear what I love, what makes me feel confident and defines me as an individual. Sticking to one style makes me feel caged and so I love exploring different styles. Today I could be your bohemian girl and switch it up to a classy suit tomorrow.

Skirt from UK, Shirt from Shanghai
Jumpsuit by Michelle Ludek from Spree

2. If it catches my eye, I buy it

Most people buy clothes only when needed. There’s no specific shopping time for a fashionable mommy. I have loads of items in my wardrobe still with price tags on. Being a blogger (and also married to a personality) means being invited to occasions ALL THE TIME. Because of this, I have learned the art of ‘banking outfits’. People collect art, coins, cars – I collect clothes. I’ve never had to go shopping specifically for an occasion, it’s the other way round. There’s always an outfit for every occasion in my wardrobe.

I bought the jumpsuit below at 75% off on ASOS.  It took me a year before I wore it because I was waiting for the right occasion.

Jumpsuit by little mistress from Asos

3. Hi I’m Lebo, and I’m addicted to online shopping

80% my shopping is done online. Yes, Online shopping. You will find me on my bed, in my pj’s and doing shopping for everyone at home. There are so many perks to it;  no need to drive out, no need to go through the entire mall looking for one outfit and mainly the crazy discounts. There are amazing discount online stores like Superbalist, Spree and Runwaysale who have a guaranteed -(50%-70%) off all their items. They have different brands and products on daily basis, and you have a week to purchase what you need. Again, the trick here is to shop where you see a great deal, not when you need a something specific. I recently bought a pair of Vera Wang sunglasses which I know I only need in December. Why? Because they were 70% off. This makes sense than to buy something full price because you are shopping under pressure.

Slit dress by SOBER, Shoes – Steve Madden from Runwaysale
Dress and Shoes from Runwaysale

I got these amazing Steve Madden shoes from their insane Secret sale. You will not believe how much I paid for them.

4. I am the QUEEN of SALE

My entire family is always dressed in brands from head to toe. My secret is only 1:  I never, ever, buy anything at full price. I’m not into trends but more on what makes sense. For a fashionable mommy buying something in season is a no no. I mostly go for classic pieces. This way you can wear the same clothes 10 yrs from now. I know my daughter is going to be able to wear my clothes because they will still be relevant then.

Black dress by SOBER, shoes by Billini

5. Social media hooked me up with amazing SA designers

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of SOBER Design House. Two of the dresses above are by her. In addition to her, we have a lot of amazing and professional South African designers. This year I was dressed by @cici_lama_cici for the Vodacom Durban July.  I had a vision and she pulled it off. Our designers always appreciate the love. I always build relationships with my designers because every girl needs a fashion guru or someone who can pull off an outfit when in dire need.

Durban July Outfit
Formal gown Durban July

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26 thoughts on “Fashionable mommy | MrsX guide

  1. I have to admit that I’m not a fan of shopping – unless it’s online. I only wish I could try it online. When I was younger I used to be primarily one style, but since then I just wear what I have. Even so, there are still things that say “me”.

    There are things I haven’t worn in awhile because I lack self-confidence on parts of my skin due to frequent acne breakouts. ;_;

  2. You are my fashion icon. I love how you mix and match, and your confidence exudes in everything you wear. Thanks for introducing me to Runwaysale and Spree, I’m addicted.

  3. I only buy stuff when it’s on sale which means at least 30% off of the clearance price. People call me cheap but I think I just spend smart because my look is still more stylish than many other people.

  4. I am an avid fan, one of those who follow you everywhere so I think you literally talking to me here. Your style is impeccable, your shoes and outfits are always on point. I will take your advice.

  5. That question that people always seem to ask ” what would you classify your style as?” I can’t stand it. I am like you I wear what I like, I don’t care how different my clothes are from the day before or that my closet looks like it could belong to 10 different people. My style is me and me only. Continue rockin’ your looks

  6. woo hoo! I love that you don’t have to stick to conventional assignments for your body type or worry about social media dictating what to wear. you look super hot in all those outfits!

  7. You look amazing! I’m always really hard on myself for not being skinnier or taller, and that I don’t deserve certain clothes until I look better. You reminded me that I should just go for whatever style or clothing item that I want and wear it with confidence! Loved this post. Thank you so much for sharing x

    1. We all have our insecurities, but I realised that when I look good, I feel good. Most times the same aspects you consider as flaws, are really not.

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