Guess who’s back – MSC Musica

Aboard MSC Musica

A week ago I was invited for an amazing night out with a twist – partying on the MSC Musica cruise. I was one of the 1500 people who were treated to a lavish gala dinner on board, followed by an awe-inspiring show in the ship’s 1200-seater theatre, and entertainment by SA acts, Jeremy Loops and Mi Casa. The Durban Harbour lit up with colour, music, and glamour as MSC Cruises, the leading cruise brand in South Africa, celebrated the arrival of MSC Musica, the largest and most luxurious cruise ship to do a seasonal tour in South African waters.

I felt at home as soon as I got on the ship. An expensive home that is. As you enter the ship you are greeted by beautiful chandeliers hanging at reception. The piano playing gives off a sense of grandness and elegance. This ship is massive and we loved how spacious is it. MSC Musica has a passenger capacity of 3223, which is around 550 more than MSC Sinfonia, the ship that South Africans fell in love with on her many tours in the region over the past few years. Over 16 decks, this luxurious ship offers something for everyone. Dining options include an á la carte Italian seafood and steakhouse restaurant, an authentic Japanese sushi bar, two formal dining rooms, and an all-day world cuisine buffet and pizzeria. On the activity side, MSC Musica offers mini golf, tennis, basketball, virtual games, bowling lanes, children’s activity clubs, a gym, a power walking track, and a Balinese spa. MSCMusica also has exciting nightlife, boasting a casino, bars, dance floors, a cigar lounge and a wine tasting bar.

What were we celebrating


MSC Cruises is thrilled to celebrate the arrival of this elegant lady to our shores to mark the start of her six-month seasonal tour in the region,” says Ross Volk, Managing Director for MSC Cruises South Africa. “This is further proof of our dedication to the South African cruising market, which continues to grow in popularity, thanks to the luxurious yet affordable holiday that cruising offers the whole family. MSC Musica promises an unparalleled cruise experience – from delicious food to exciting on-board activities to island excursions to top-class entertainment. Until April 2019, the ship will be setting sail from Durban and Cape Town to various locations around southern Africa, including Mauritius, the Reunion Islands, and Mozambique’s Pomene Bay and Portuguese Island. ”

Mr Volk continues, “As well as welcoming MSC Musica to our shores, we will also be building a R200-million cruise terminal at the Port of Durban as part of the KwaZulu Cruise Terminal (KCT) consortium. MSCCruises will also be opening a hospitality school in the Durban Harbour in the near future, which will train young South Africans who are keen to be part of the hospitality industry. We have also invested heavily in the broader Southern Africa region, by growing tourism and small businesses in Mozambique’s Pomene Bay and Portuguese Island. In addition, in November next year we are looking forward to welcoming MSCOrchestra to Durban for the very first time for the 2019/2020 cruise season.” 

Angelo Capurro, MSC Cruises’ Commercial Executive Director for Emerging Markets and South Africa, comments on how MSC Cruises’ growth in South Africa reflects its global expansion, “In the past 18 months, MSC Cruises has christened three ultra-modern ships– MSC Meraviglia, MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview – as part of the commitment we made to construct 17 ultra-modern ships by 2027, which will bring our fleet total to 29 and see our passenger capacity more than triple. In our quest to offer our guests the ultimate cruising experience, MSC Cruises’ total investment in constructing these ships will be around R220 billion.”

  1. Whoa! This looks so luxurious! 🙂 Beautiful! I would love to experience something like this one day. Love your photos.

  2. Wow! I was totally blown by this luxurious experience. Amazing pictures too!

  3. I wish I didn’t get motion sickness so I can actually go on a cruise… it always sound like its so much fun!

  4. What an awesome sounding night out! The ship looks absolutely amazing, that decor is stunning! I’d love to go on board a cruise ship one day

  5. Oh wow, the ship looks gorgeous! I have been looking at booking a cruise lately, I’d love to get on one for the first time, next year. MSC Musica sounds like a perfect choice.

  6. i can’t wait to go on a cruise! it is a dream.
    x gitte vander elst (

  7. Oh wow, that cruise looks amazing! Good for you, MSC Musica sounds like a great event.

  8. Wow, this MSC Musica cruise ship is so gorgeous and it really looks so elegant and I am sure you hava wonderful time in this cruise.

  9. I am so ready to get away and go on a cruise. I loved the last one we went on. This makes me want to book one right now.

  10. Wow this ship looks absolutely amazing! That pools beautiful… I think I might spend all my time here 🙂

  11. The ship is so beautiful!! Sounds like an amazing experience!

  12. What a stunning ship! I have only ever been on a Disney cruise, which was amazing, but this looks like a perfect grown up getaway for me and hubby.

  13. I have been on one of the sister ships and could not get over their sworvski crystal stairs – so beautiful

  14. WOW! That is one awesome ship. Must be an experience to travel on it. Look at all the fancy decor and all.

    ❤ Amena.

  15. Wow that room looks super nice! Like in general, not just for a cruise! It looks like you really enjoyed yourself out there!

  16. Wow this cruise looks incredible. There’s so much to do and see there! Looks like a brilliant thing to do with the whole family

  17. What a gorgeous ship! We’ve thought about going on a cruise before, but hadn’t realised how luxurious the ships could be. The room looks fab too, a lot bigger than I would have imagined.

  18. oh wow what a stunning ship and the decor inside is so chic a perfect place to relax i say x

  19. This is definitely a luxurious cruise ship. It is gorgeous. It makes my cruises seem so bland. Especially the better room size and decor.

  20. This looks like such fun and a beautiful ship. Can’t believe you had Jeremy Loops on board, amazing!

  21. I’ve never been on a cruise boat before! This looks so luxurious and huge!

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