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What is #knowyourbody about

Femagene introduced the Know your body campaign with the aim to educate and create awareness around relevant issues and questions women have about their bodies. By breaking barriers and overcoming taboos, their purpose is to teach women to discuss hygiene issues openly which subsequently increases their self confidence.

Know Your Body is highlighting how Femagene understands complex issues amongst women and has various products that support health and
hygiene for women.

The importance of Intimate hygiene

Intimate hygiene is important for overall health. It not only has a soothing effect but also protects a woman from harmful bacteria which could be the main cause of fatal diseases like cancer, various infections, sterility or other kinds of diseases. The key steps involved in the maintenance of intimate hygiene are given below:

  • Wear loose, breathable and cotton fabrics which allow proper air circulation around the vaginal area. This also reduces vaginal sweating which is the main cause of various infections.
  • Clean the vaginal portion with a mild soap and warm water. Then dry off the wet portion with a clean towel or a wet wipe.
  • Wipe off the genital area gently after urination with the help of a tissue paper or by using wet wipes.
  • Change sanitary napkins, tampons and panty liners many times a day, to avoid any risk of infections or foul odours.
  • Use unscented intimate wash products, menstruation products, toilet papers or various feminine products.
  • Wash the vaginal portion after a sexual intercourse as this may increase the proneness to vaginal infections.

During periods, intimate hygiene is crucial so forget what grandmothers used to say about “no washing during ‘those’ days”! Today, a better understanding of the female body and of its needs, together with a different lifestyle, allows us to understand and value the importance of intimate hygiene during our monthly period, most importantly for our health and well being.

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Be part of the Conversations

Join our Instagram V-talks series to engage and share your views regarding intimate hygiene.

The #KnowYourBody theme will run for 6 weeks and drive such topics as: first time periods and how to communicate with our kids. In a number of short videos we aim to drive interesting conversations and discuss content that matters.

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  1. I’m glad people talk openly about this. It’s something that should be discussed and I’m glad there are products out there that can help!

  2. I’m glad that this subject isn’t as taboo as it once was!

  3. Yes! So glad to see someone talking about our feminine health!

  4. Love how open you are about this topic! Thank you for sharing these tips!

  5. I’ll share this to my best friend. She needs this! Very informative yet sensitive topic.

  6. I like that this is unscented. We ladies do need to be able to talk about this

    1. Yes, unscented is SO important! Great post about an important topic, Mrs. X – also so important to discuss these basic tips w/our tween and teen daughters 🙂

  7. I am forwarding this to my wife. This is very informative, thank you.

  8. This is an important topic, I didn’t learn some of these things until I was in my 20’s.

  9. This is all very good advice. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Amen. It’s about time people talk about it. Thank you.

  11. I wish this was discussed more with teens. It’s crazy that women still are shamed with this type of conversation

  12. Good to get into public discussions nowadays, thanks for sharing. Our kids are yearning for such conversations, for honesty.

  13. It is important to use special products for your intimate hygiene, that have a 0PH. Also, every woman should know the importance of the intimate hygiene and the points you have highlighted in your post.

  14. Nnniiiccceeeeeee….thank you, Mrs. X, for this! This is a subject soooo many of us, especially here in Africa, need to talk about and hear. How I wish everyone could be more open about such issues.

  15. I am glad this has started to become an open topic and is becoming more normalized for women and young girls out there! There is nothing taboo about the female body!

  16. good post of facts. but why do you recommend unscented versus scented? keep the talk about safe hygiene.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  17. They look like some awesome products for keeping the body nice and clean! Will have to send this to my female friends.

  18. Thanks for sharing all this info. It’s definitely important to take care of our vaginal health. And it’s very important to use unscented products.

  19. As a healthcare provider, I believe every part of your body needs the same care and attention. Thanks for the information.

  20. I’m glad no one ever told me not to wash down there on “those days.” I’ve never heard that one before. Some of the ideas passed down through the generations about health are so funny. I’m glad we know better in this day and age (but I’m sure some of the old stuff is still good advice).

  21. I’m so thankful for products like this and people like you who help get the word out about these products.

  22. I love that these conversations are becoming more commonplace. Women’s health is so important.

  23. Yep! Super important stuff! Thanks for getting the education out there and helping women!

  24. It’s nice to learn about new brands that help with feminine hygiene. It’s good this brand supports natural ph balance.

  25. this is great, thanks for sharing. I only use balanced PH Products.

  26. So important to be able to talk about this stuff. Thanks for sharing this product. I’m going to check this out.

  27. Feminine hygiene is such an important topic and not talked about as much as it should be, thanks for sharing!

  28. I’m all about unscented. It’s important that we ladies feel comfortable discussing this. Using special products for our intimate hygiene, that contain 0PH is important. Thanks for the valuable information.

  29. I love that this is being openly discussed. I want to check out the products.

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