Lent – Week 2 LCHF and Ketosis

Week 2 – LCHF

I keep on googling “After how long does the carb flu die down?”. There is on and off days but really not so bad.  It’s hard to tell if I have reached Ketosis yet, with all the symptoms I’m having though, I think I have. Week 2 LCHF  gets a 4/10.

Ketosis Symptoms

Excessive thirst

Fatigue, weakness

Funky Breath

Appetite Suppression

It is usually at this stage when I nibble on some Provitas, steal a carb or two, and I’d be back to square one. Now I’m just so focused. We went to restaurant for my mom’s birthday dinner and I had no alcohol at all, no carbs, no sugar. I then had the mint at the end (not intentional) but felt so guilty that I prayed for forgiveness. I told you the Christian guilt plays a huge role here.

I have been to 4 events this week because yes, temptation (aka Diablo) targets such moments in your life. Just when you are minding your own business and trying to be the best version of you, he dangles the carrot just in front of you. They served the most amazing cakes and pastries, my number 1 weakness. Instead, I opted for fruit. If they didn’t have meat or veggies, I just looked away. There’s one posh function where I kindly asked the chef for just mozzarella and tomatoes. That’s all I had for the entire night.

Meal Preparation

The difference with how we used to do our grocery shopping and now is vast. We have to buy fresh produce on weekly basis, we didn’t think of that when we started. At some point I went around the house collecting coins so we can buy veggies. We have Checkers around the corner, so I pop in once a week for their marked-down veggies. Oh how I used to look down on them until I realized how expensive veggies are. Besides, these are perfectly edible because they are sold on their sell by date, not a day after. This is our saving grace.

I have never seen so much commitment from my husband and I before. It’s incredible.  Suddenly it feels like ‘We can do this for a while ever.’ This could really be a lifestyle.

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