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Life changing events | The inevitable

I am having the bathroom floor moment yet again. Yes, this is not the first time in my life and probably not the last. To understand the ‘bathroom floor’ you must have read the book, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert; or seen the movie at some point. There is a scene where she is on the bathroom floor crying hysterically, lying there for a while because she didn’t want to be married anymore and she badly needed a change in her life. The monumental scene symbolising a huge change in one’s life.

My first bathroom floor moment was years ago when I was in an emotionally abusive marriage. He was my first love and even though signs of abuse were always there, I perceived them as love. It started with small things; that skirt is short, who is that looking at you? In a year it had escalated to recording of phone calls. I knew then that I had to leave. That is when I had my 1st Panic attack.

I’m sure all of you have had this moment… or maybe, some of you have had this moment once (or many times), or maybe some of you have been so fortunate and you have never had this happen to you. It might be through the loss of a loved one, giving your child up for adoption or even a divorce. Sometimes, it’s even just that misalignment in your life.

The need to adapt

Some changes are drastic, others are gradual- like a child leaving for school, but whether drastic or gradual, there is a need to learn how to adapt to life’s changes.

It’s an open secret that I suffer from Anxiety. Change impacts me 100 times more than most people with no mental health issues. With anxiety, challenges become magnified; a mole becomes a mountain. Regardless of this, I still choose life. I tell myself ‘no matter what, put one foot in front of the other and keep moving, one day at a time.’ Things will always happen to and around me, how do I cope? Do I allow myself to drown in these changes or do I take a stand to rise? I have no choice but to be brave. Bravery sometimes, leads to my psychiatrists office.

Get ready, change will always happen

No matter how sure you are of things, no matter what your signs read, be ready for a change. Things never remain the same. To live a fruitful life, I tell myself I must be like water, ready to flow but never losing myself. To move past stale relationships, loss, careful friendships and whatever I no longer want to deal with.

  1. I love this so much. Change is an inescapable part of life. We have to learn how to roll with those changes rather than try to fight them.

  2. I am living right now a situation that has turned my life upside down, something inevitable to face, but that if done in the right way we can adapt and discover that we are stronger than we thought!

  3. I was just talking about change with my husband. Change is inevitable and can be either so wonderful or uncomfortable. it is part of life and we do need to be adaptive to change.

  4. I once read a quote that said, “The only constant thing in the world is change.” Which is so true. Change can be good or bad, but how we react to it is more important. I always try to find the positive in something that seems unpleasant. Having the right attitude surely helps.

  5. This is an amazing message, and change is certainly a very difficult process but I love that you show that it is a positive thing! It is okay to breathe and overcome. Very powerful

    1. These are some great tips for dealing with change. Would love to know more.

  6. This is such an awesome and honest post. Change is super hard for me to deal with in life. Hugs to you girlie.

  7. You are so strong for being able to post this and share with us. I suffer from anxiety as well and the concept of change can really be daunting.

    1. It really is. For other people is easy to just make a decision and go with it. For us, it’s paralyzing. But we eventually move towards the light.

  8. Sometimes you just need a little bit of faith! You can do it. Hang on! Be optimistic and be ready for your life decisions.

  9. Nnniiicceeeeee…I love this piece of truth and testimony, Lebo. It reminds me of what one of my teachers used to say….if you can’t change, change will change you!

    1. That is so true. I love that saying.

  10. Change. Such a short word but with such an impactful meaning. Change is so hard for many people so you are definitely not alone. Thank you for being transparent and allowing your readers to know a little more about you.

  11. Change is good but to someone who lives with anxiety, it can be almost impossible. I admire your bravery to open up and talk about mental health issues.

  12. Sometimes we try to control change. The most beautiful changes happy when we listen to our hearts.

  13. Such an honest post. Change truly is inevitable although it can be hard to deal with at times

  14. So true…I always say, when you wake up you never know how your day will end. This was a beautiful post…thank you for sharing!

  15. I have enjoyed my read here & love all the beautiful lack & white captures shared here, thanks! Life is short, appreciate what we have & enjoy it
    Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  16. Change is definitely inevitable and will happen when you least expect it. Definitely I believe everyone has to learn to adapt to all changes that happen in their life.

  17. Change is so important. You can embrace it or resist it. Yet it is the constant in life.

  18. Great post. While there is always change, we can all adapt. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Sometimes the best way to deal with negatives is to move on and keep adapting x Change is hard but worth it in the end x

  20. Such a beautiful post and beautiful pictures. Change is indeed inevitable and the best thing is to learn to embrace it.

    1. Thank you. I appreciate it.

  21. This is so true. Be like water! Also, I learned to put myself first, because when I’m filled I overflow otherwise is burnout ensured.

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