Mattel focuses on Dad with new Barbie® campaign


You know by now, our love for Mattel toys. My daughter is a huge Barbie fan and absolutely loves collecting Barbie. She takes the dolls everywhere and we find ourselves (entire family) hiking, having picnics, watching movies and even bathing with them. The funniest is when daddy is expected to babysit his gran-daughters, hilarious. We are so excited over Mattel’s latest campaign because it enforces the bond between father and daughter, the one thing I can’t over emphasize.

Mattel, Inc. has launched a new articulation of the Barbie “You Can Be Anything” campaign focused on inspiring and nurturing the limitless potential in every girl. The new spots, which feature real dads and their daughters playing Barbie®, is a follow up to the award-winning “Imagine the Possibilities” work celebrating a girl’s journey to self-discovery through playing with Barbie.

The #DadsWhoPlayBarbie creative includes a 90-second online film and three 30-second cut downs, showcases what happens when six real dads play Barbie with their daughters. At the end, the spots read, “Time Spent in Her Imaginary World Is an Investment in Her Real World,” highlighting that a dad’s involvement in his daughter’s imaginary play contributes to her social, intellectual and emotional development in real life.


As Dr. Linda Nielsen of Wake Forest University explains in her work, decades of research shows that girls who have loving, communicative, supportive relationships with their dads from early childhood on are less likely to suffer from a lack of self-confidence and self-reliance as she grows up.


“Over the past year, Barbie has enabled girls to imagine themselves in aspirational roles that range from the fantastical to feminist, from princess to paleontologist,” said Lisa McKnight, Senior Vice President and General Manger, Barbie. “Spotlighting father-daughter relationships through playing with Barbie continues to articulate the importance of imagination and creativity on a girl’s journey to self-discovery.”


Watch the beautiful video below:


  1. It is remarkable, very useful idea

  2. Love it!!! I’m teaching my daughter it is ok to like dragons and dinosaurs and trucks and trains as much as dolls…

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