Niloana’s 2nd birthday…How quickly they grow

Do you remember this little princess?

She just turned 2 and what a celebration it was.  Happy birthday my little niece, your God-mom loves you too much.  
Since I’m the creative of the family, i came up with everything from the Theme – Lalaloopsy.  To designing the 3tier cake, baking the cupcakes, candy buffet and even organising the pinata.  I love creating unforgettable moments.

My red velvet cupcakes….Super proud of my creation

Cake done by my special baker – Dreamcakes.  Benita always delivers

Candy bar

Cutos deco…love it.

Lalaloopsy pinata…kinda looks like a Power puff Girl to me.

It’s my Party and I cry if I want to

Cry if I want to, cry if I want to….

Having a blast on the trainride

Hubby doing what he does best. Nom, nom.

My Eldest sisi

Miss Flower Jackson with her best friend

Superman and birthday gal on the trampoline

Couzy for line

Tons of swimming

Big brother showing off

Mommy feeling 16 again…

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  1. Oh wow this looks like quite a party… Its so beautiful, love the décor. (Way to go Sis) As for those red-velvet cupcakes… Wish they could fly their way here. the birthday girl looks so pretty. #kisses to her

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