Share a Moment with OUMA this Grandparents Day


October 8th is Grandparents Day and OUMA Rusks is inviting all grandchildren to give their own OUMAs the honour they deserve on this day of celebration. Whether your grandmother goes by the name of uGogo, Granny, Nana, Grandma or Nonna, they have all played an invaluable role in our lives, which is why they deserve the gift of our time this Grandparents Day.

“This special day is a call for us all to recognise and pay tribute to the role our own OUMA plays in our lives. Lets set aside our time to spend it with someone who gave up so much for us. This act of appreciation can be as simple as the special moment of enjoying a rusk with those who helped shape us into the people we are today,” explains OUMA Brand Manager, Lonwabo Thinta.


This a reminder of the special place grandparents hold in our heart. OUMA Rusks invites you to share your inspirational stories about how your OUMA was loved by your family and how they helped you to grow into who you are today. To share your story with South Africa about how much your OUMA means to you visit

This Grandparents Day, make sure that you take the time to #DipnOuma with these very special people in your life. And don’t forget to share your special story about the inspiration your OUMA truly is.



The OUMA legend lives on. The story of OUMA rusks started in 1939 in the small North-Eastern Cape town of Molteno. The great depression spurred OUMA Greyvensteyn and her friends to find ways of helping their community. OUMA Greyvensteyn started by baking a batch of rusks using her trusted family recipe. After selling these delicious treats to farming families in the community, orders soon started pouring in. And a much loved, iconic South African brand was born. Today, OUMA Greyvensteyn is still South Africa’s most famous rusk baker. The OUMA bakery runs around the clock to ensure that South Africans will always be able to “Dip ‘n OUMA”.


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