She is her mother’s daughter

My daughter is 6 going onto 16, she’s a loving caring soul who is very compassionate. 
She is funny and can give you an attitude at times. 

But she is also very emotional, extremely sensitive and a perfectionist at heart.  And
that’s the curse that I passed onto her…
I can’t help but to worry if I’ll pass my illness to her, will she also suffer like I did?  Can’t I carry her burden and break the curse once and for all? 

I pray that this ends with me, and that my daughter will never have to face this demon called PPD.  But if she does, ‘mommy is always here my baby, I will get you through this I promise’. 

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  1. I think my mother had ppd, she was never diagnosed, but I recognize so many things..
    I too hope my daughter never has to deal with this,
    but I can tell you if your daughter has to go through this, it will be different. You will be there for her, maybe even prpare her during pregnancy. And that makes a huge difference.

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