Using Lent for lifestyle change- LCHF Week 1


They say “Lent is just a second chance for those who failed at their New Year’s resolution”. That’s the most hilarious thing I’ve heard in a while, but true nonetheless.

I have tried low carb diet before, quitting around 3 weeks. You would think that LCHF diets are easy because you get to indulge in meat, properly fried in coconut oil and all. But after a while you get to miss the bread you know. To be honest though, my other downfall has been sticking strictly to veggies and meat. I have never tried any cauli-rice, cauli wraps, or even using Psyllium husks. So this time around I went full out. I decided that I’m tired of trying things and not sticking through it all. What is different this time? God is here. I have asked him to give me the strength to serve him and help with this fasting. The next 46 days require a commitment to no Carbs, no Sugar, no alcohol. I will be jotting down my entire experience, the good, bad and the ugly. So walk with me through this life changing journey. I hope by the end of it all, I would have lost weight yes, but gained more self-control, will power and grown tremendously in my faith.

Week 1 – LCHF

Ash Wednesday was smooth to be honest. I think the first day is generally easy because the body has not started acting up yet. It’s still relaxed and doesn’t know what’s about to hit. Unlike my husband who whined off slowly, I just went cold turkey. By day 3 I had intense migraines. I was physically ill, but I knew that I had to stick to it.  Day 4 required some self-talk as this is the one day I do a park run. Do I do it or not? The competitive me went for the run. I was hard but I did it, without passing out that is.

I don’t remember much of day 5 and 6 because frankly I was on survival mode. Wake up slooowly, sit upright for a while to center myself, remind myself that the dizziness is due to the body detoxing. I wrote reminders everywhere ‘This is rehab, right now you are just like a drug addict. After a while the new reality will sink in and it will get easier”.

Meal Preparation

We bought tons of veggies, and ate them all, lol. All of a sudden the entire family is into fruit and veggies. I keep fruit to a minimum, but the kids can have all the fruit they require. It’s become blatantly clear that we have to spread out our budget to maintain such a lifestyle. I pat myself on the back for packing corn in their lunchbox, instead of a packet of chips. I feel like I’m winning.


  1. Sounds like LENT is going well for you. Fresh fruit can be harsh on the budget. Going fresh is expensive, how are you managing?

  2. Ok that sounds doingable.

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