Wordless Wednesday – Regensburg, Germany

The beautiful Regensburg Town


Sun setting in Teigernheim


                                                        A shot from the bridge in Regensburg

In love with Regensburg, feels like one is in the middle of Italy


This church was the highlight of my trip, Regensburg Cathedral. Beautiful inside out.
Because I love doors and rustic buildings. Rocking my fierce box braids in Europe.
Inside the Walhalla
Took advantage of Walhalla stairs for an amazing workout.
A side view of Walhalla, beautiful.
These guys have thee best ice cream ever. Their ice cream shops only open in spring, and are closed throughout the year.


My running partner, we have so much in common actually.
I love how they have dandelions everywhere. My new love.
Beautiful scenery along my jogging route.
I touched the statue, only to find that it’s a alive.
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  1. Not so wordless but such stunning pictures…. and that ice cream just looks yum

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