Stunning new Subaru XV 2.0i E

What you will love


I’m a mom of two, so safety is always my number 1 priority.  I would like to think this is a priority for every parent. I mean before having kids you only worry about yourself. After kids, all you want to do is prolong their lifespan and yours too.

The 2.0i is fitted with seven airbags (including driver’s knee airbag), ABS, stability and traction controls and brake assist.

EyeSight is new Subaru technology that monitors your safety whether your eyes are on the road or not. Two cameras are mounted by the rear view mirror to monitor traffic and react to conditions even before you do. Basically, EyeSight sees the problems and initiates action to help avoid the trouble. Eyesight will also sound an alert and flash a visual warning if there’s danger of a collision and will apply the brakes automatically if you don’t. It can also optimize cruise control and warn drivers when they’re saying outside their lane.  


Because we lived in the car (lol) we were entertained by intuitive widescreen Multi-Function Display 8.0 inch colour. This touchscreen infotainment system can connect seamlessly to your smartphone  (Apple CarPlay + Android Auto) so you can stream the music you love straight into the Subaru XV’s impressive sound system. Swipe, pinch, touch – all your entertainment is right at your fingertips.8.0″ Touch Screen Infotainment System with 6 speaker CD system and bluetooth hands-free functionality.

I appreciated the GPS (Navigation) because is enhanced safety as well. When driving, the system will not allow you to enter anything with your fingers. Instead it switches automatically to a voice hand-free system. This should definitely reduce the accident rate.

Key less entry solves having to grapple with shopping bags while digging into your pocket for the key. If you knew how many times  I’ve had to empty my entire handbag just looking for car keys in my life. The roof racks fitted to our model here are also standard on the XV.

Subaru XV might be a sporty-looking number but it does comfort well too. The front seat sliding adjustment is increased to suit a wider range of driving postures and in the back, a new platform provides more foot space for rear seat passengers.

Engine performance

I know, women never talk “Engines” and “Speed”. Instead we are more visual when it comes to technologically challenging stuff. Don’t get me wrong I loved the colour of my babe (Sunshine Orange), but I also loved exploring engine performance relating to speed.

Subaru’s engine for this XV retains its 2.0-litre capacity. Power and torque outputs of 115 kW and 196 Nm respectively drive each axle evenly through a CVT gearbox. The CVT also has a 7-speed manual mode initiated by flicking the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.

Subaru’s transmission is the best, with smooth comfortable acceleration at city speeds. The All-Wheel Drive Subaru XV looks stylish in an urban environment, yet the true beauty of this small SUV is that it’s also genuinely capable of getting its occupants up on any off-road adventure in between.

What you might not like

As you know, my kids are older now. It means there’s no need to travel with strollers, nappy bags and additional baby stuff. So for us personally, the boot space was sufficient. That being said, this is probably the XV’s weakest point. Boot capacity is listed as 310 litres, growing to 1 220 litres with the rear seats folded flat. Thankfully the shape of the boot is particularly square..

On the plus side, passenger space is better both front and rear and leather is standard on this model. There’s plenty of space within the car to store cups, bottles, keys and the like. Yes mamas, I’m talking to you right now.

SUBARU XV2.0i is definitely lighter yet more powerful. It can be an ideal family car  or  an adventure ride  through mud . The all-new Subaru XV is a brilliant all-round performer to the core.

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21 thoughts on “Stunning new Subaru XV 2.0i E

  1. I drove a Subaru for a long time, and want to go back! I love their efficiency and durability. Plus, the all wheel drive. You make me want it sooner than later.

  2. i have heard such wonderful things about subaru but myself I am more of a Jeep type of girl. even though a lot of people here in CO have subaru so i know its a great car.

  3. Wow… your car looks amazing and orange is one of my fav. colour. I have heard about this brand Subaru and they make really fast rally cars. I think the price is a fair amount but I can see it packed with a good engine and beautiful interior. Congrats!

  4. Haha, love the shout out to mamas at the end. I’m not one, but I had two sister growing up and the car was always a MESS. Sippy cups everywhere, fallen cheerios and constantly fighting over toys because we only had a few in the car.

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