7 years ago, a princess was born

Miss Flower Jackson turned 7 yesterday…7.  I am in utter shock, I never for some reason imagined her growing beyond 6 (crazy I know).  But 7 is so old, I mean she’s so close to being a tween.  I find myself dreading the boy talks.  She went to a friend’s birthday party and these teen boys told her that she’s skinny and pretty.  Whaaaat is that?  I don’t wanna think about those things now….or ever.  The whole self esteem issues…Am I pretty enough? Skinny enough? Intelligent enough? Do people like me? Do boys like me?  No no no….its too soon.  The whole “I hate you” talk, the banging of the door, smacking little brother for just existing, “you are not my dad” agenda….My head is spinning….Breathe in and out Lebo..Huuuuuuuuuussssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaa….one day at a time. 
Happy birthday to my little princess Palesa, you’ll always be momma’s babe. You always ask me how much I love you? Well my babe my love for you is bigger than my jimmy choo shoes, and even bigger than daddy’s credit card, which is a whole whole lot I promise you.    You’ll learn that soon enough.    Going down memory lane…

You were born a princess
         The 1st birthday party you attended
Your 3rd birthday party
1st Nursery School dress up event

1st Day at big School
Your 1st photoshoot

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