A family that hikes together, stays together…

This year is dedicated to healthy living in our household. We invested in a treadmill in December, and proud to say, we are addicted to that little piece of equipment. Everyday without fail, we burn calories. I’m actually a little jealous because dear husband spends hours on it, damn mistress!

In addition to running we have started hiking as a family. Ok, so maybe we are forced to because my daughter is a nominee for the ”Chairman’s awards” and this is part of the requirements. We could’ve have easily chosen other activities, but we decided to get out of our comfort zone. And so we went for our first hike. What a huge success it was. We decided to go with Walter Sisulu Botanical gardens so that we could enjoy a picnic afterwards. Our superman though, stole the entire show. He was leading the pack and every time we called for a break, he’d shout “Come one guys, you can do this”. Mixed feelings of pride, joy and just total awe that this four year old could do a 10km hike. He wouldn’t even let daddy carry him. Talk about a real soldier.

The exhaustion after a 10Km
The mini X’s 1st hike


This missy loves fine things in life


And daddy popped the bottle – A well deserved alcohol free bubbly

What are your family resolutions/goals for 2016? Have you started on them?

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3 thoughts on “A family that hikes together, stays together…

  1. Well done to the Xolo's, what a powerful team! I did that hike last year, it's not for the fainted-hearted, shout out to your little man! I love that you're supporting your daughter while keeping the whole family fit. The Walter Sisulu Botanical gardens are beautiful.

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