As the big day gets closer …. MY BRIDAL SHOWER

I am incredibly blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends. Crazy yes, maybe even a bit on the mental side. But they are the most selfless, compassionate, giving, loving people I’ve ever met.

I actually had 2 surprise bridal showers. One purely naughty and kinky, that’s the other side of me. Those very close to me know that I’m quite comfortable with ‘the bedroom talk’. I’m very verbal and out there when it comes to such issues, always have been. And so it made sense to have a crazy bachelorette.  But you know what they say … “What happens at a bachelorette, stays at a bachelorette” so SHHHHH!

Then this past weekend I had another surprise. A vintage high tea experience. The venue Acorn Lane is on the same premises as my favourite restaurant Oak leaf in Sandton. My sister was in charge of keeping me in dark. The big lie was that we are going for the Destiny Mag woman’s lunch, and I was meant to dress up. As we entered the premises I got the chills, what a coincidence that we are driving into my favourite restaurant. But I just brushed it off. We drove past it towards Acorn Lane. As we park, I see one of my sister’s friends outside. I was so confused. She tells me that she decided to join us as she had no entertainment for the day. Then we are about to enter when one of the staff asks us politely “Are you here for the Bridaaaaaallll???” It took him seconds to realize that I’m the bride. The look of embarrassment on his face…. PRICELESS!

I absolutely loved everything about it. The entire do adhered to my wedding theme “the shabby Chic”. Stunning deco, yummy food, flowers, lanterns. PERFECT.


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