Baby Soft Mascot….. Who would you chose

Do not by any means be fooled by how cute our little softi is, behind closed doors he’s Denis the menace.

 And schlumfi, well just try stepping on her tail and you’ll see what will happen…. D.R.A.M.A.
 So as a mom of two, I try to be fair in sharing my love for my kids, exercising the same discipline methods and having no double standards.  Superman discovered that wearing big shoes is more fun than his own so I let him wobble around the house in my heels.  Miss Flower Jackson occasionally craves baby food (Cerelec) and I do give it to her though she’s 8yrs old.  So you can understand my dilemma when baby soft asked me to vote for their Mascot.  I thought about it long and hard and came up with one solution.  A race. Because Miss F loves cats, she chose Shlumfi, Superman adores dogs so he’s Softi.
At some point we thought Softi was gonna win.  Daddy was secretly hoping for that and big sis was just being polite by letting him though. And guess what happened?

I win
 Does it count if I go under??
 Got you, hahahaha


 You can take it Schlumfi
 And Schlumfi takes the price.

How cute are these? Baked them as a reward for my babies being such good sportsman, oh and woman. We pretended that the lil elephants were dogs, lol.

Personally I love puppies, so much, but the name Schlumfi is soooo adorable…. So Schlumfi is our winner.

 So who will it be? Softi or Shlumfi? Help baby soft decide and vote for your favourite in the Softer-than-Ever Baby Soft® Mascot Showdown by visiting or where you can win selected prizes. When buying a promotional pack of the new Softer-than-Ever Baby Soft® 2-ply and voting using the on-pack unique code, you will also stand a chance to win your share of 10,000 x R100 cash vouchers.  Vouchers can be redeemed via a unique ABSA reference code that can be entered at any ABSA ATM. Sms ‘Softi’ or ‘Shlumfi’ and the unique code on the back of the sticker, to 33005. The promotion will run from 1 April 2013 – 31 July 2013 – terms and conditions apply.

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0 thoughts on “Baby Soft Mascot….. Who would you chose

  1. ncooooo loving doz cute angels f mine… Haw Softie, cnt blv he's grown so much. How wonderful of him to let Schlumfi win. Wow Im so inlove wth doz pics sis. Thou Im mad @u for not telling me u hv such a passion for photography n man u good! Imma go wth both f dem (against d rules) #hides. Looking forward 2d next article… So enjyng ur blog. Mncwaaa

  2. You don't know how emotional I get everytime there's a growth Spud. Palesa was saying to me the other day “You look fabulous darling, FABULOUS.” I almost fainted.

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