This BLACK FRIDAY was owned by SPREE

If you are fashion obsessed mom like me, then you would have been wide awake at 12 am this past Friday. I was all logged in and ready to place my order. Most online shops will put the (UP TO 80%) and have only 1 item at 80% off. Spree on the other, deliver on their promises. So while most of you were sleeping (I’ve always wanted to say that, lol) I was in heaven. There’s something about a good sale that just gets my adrenalin rushing. I wouldn’t have slept even if I wanted to. My main aim was to buy shoes for my son, who changes shoe sizes at least twice a year. These are some of the amazing finds I’m chuffed about:

  1. For little Superman (Soviet sneakers)

olu olu-1

2. For Miss Flower Jackson (Vans sneakers)


3. For YummyMummy (Leigh Schubert and Mantsho)

me-2       me


4. For Hubby (Vans and Onitsuka Tiger)

dad dad-1

It’s worth mentioning that Spree’s service was on point. I get really irate when there’s a huge sale and a website crashes. Or the endless buffering. None of that. You just had to be quick because seemingly, there were fashion fanatics shopping in the middle of the night like me.  I managed to buy quality gifts for my extended family too. I would give Spree 10/10 all round.

PS. This post is NOT sponsored, I just wanted to share my most favourite shopping spots.

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