My life took a complete 360 recently, but only a portion of my life. WORK. I’m absolutely passionate about engineering. I gave my life to a project that lasted 2years, from design to completion. Totally worth every tear, sleepless nights, the stress – I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The experience gained is just irreplaceable. And I say this with a lot of pride. Now, now I’m into something totally different but within the same organization. I’m way out of my comfort zone. When I got offered this role, I thought it was a joke. I have never not been an engineer. I have been a mom, a wife, a blogger and engineer. That’s who I am. I was content and never thought beyond this except for my own business. God’s plans though, are always greater than our own. So one day I woke up and was offered this position. Husband and I discussed this. The perks:

1. Moving offices closer to home
2. Knocking off at exactly 4pm
3. Working from home when you feel like it (all you need is laptop and internet)

It seems like an obvious choice. The huge downside though…. a total career change. I feel overwhelmed and anxiety stricken. I was chosen because I show a lot of potential, can catch on very quickly, and super bright (All from my manager). So there is high expectations for me to deliver. Take that with my perfectionist nature and BOOM, my mind is all over the place. People like us don’t think rationally. ‘You’ll get the hang of it, give it sometime like 3 months or so”… that’s what the entire office says. My mind though tells me otherwise. ‘Oh my word, what did they say in that meeting? I don’t understand a single word? How could they trust me to make serious business decisions?’. Anxiety is such a pain. It strips you of all your self-worth, and leaves you with so much doubt. Through it all though, I strive to do my best. I’m a fighter and hard worker. I surely didn’t get here by mistake.

In other news….

On the home front we are winning. Miss Flower Jackson is doing so well with her modern dance that her group has qualified for the finale for Talent Africa. You can surely hear me crying with pride through this post ….

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0 thoughts on “C.H.A.N.G.E. is INEVITABLE

  1. WOW! Sounds huge but you will be fine. I believe everything can be learnt and you won't be performing brain surgery 🙂 that was what I told myself when I made a career change a few years ago. Look on the bright side you will be learning new skills and more to with the family. Sure the DJ and kids aren't complaining.

    Well done to the little Miss. The sky is the limit

  2. Wow. The perks sound worth it.I never saw myself teaching toddlers but the half day makes it worth it. You have to weigh everything up and you are right, God's plans are bigger.

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