To the Coffee Lover – Nespresso Master Origins Launch

Nespresso unveiled its latest campaign which launches its new Master Origin range. The brand teamed up with J Something and Mi Casa to create an unforgettable night of good food, laughter and dancing.

The Venue

The chosen venue – Katy’s Palace Bar in Kramerville, Sandton, was perfect for creating this majestic coffee travel around five countries. I found myself lost in the captivating space which felt very much like our diversified Africa.

The Food

Five food stations allowed us to fully immense ourselves in spices and cuisine sourced from Indonesia, Ethiopia, Columbia, India and Nicaragua. The vibrant colour palette immersed viewers in the lush green foliage of the rainforest and rich warmth of each country. Each special dish was accompanied by its own coffee with it’s beautiful aroma.

The Ambiance

At the heart of this experience is the concept of creating space for delicious food, engaged conversation and human interaction. The act of moving around the different stations and trying out new cuisine embodied connection and open-mindedness, everything our country stands for. What better way to enhance the South African experience than through music and dancing. Mikasa

The Main Act (The Coffee)


Master Origin Indonesia wet-hulled Arabica is a race against rain. Indonesian farmers wet-hull their coffee because of the humid climate. After removing the fruity outer flesh, the Sumatran coffee beans are left to ferment overnight, then hand washed and sundried for a day. Then they remove the parchment because exposed beans dry faster. The heat and bouts of sunshine dry the beans quickly. The method is unique to them and produces the classic Indonesian coffee taste – velvety thick, wildly aromatic, notes of cured tobacco. Master Origin Indonesia wet-hulled Arabica contains only Fair Trade Indonesian Arabica coffee processed in this unique way. Try Master Origin Indonesia wet-hulled Arabica with a dash of milk – nutty, woody and roasted notes emerge in this intense Master Origin coffee with milk.


This is Ethiopian Arabica at its finest – decadently aromatic. It has an orange blossom aroma, but the rich fruit jam notes come from the sun-dried coffee in Master Origin Ethiopia with dry processed Arabica. Ethiopian farmers have used this method for longer than anyone else. For up to four weeks the sun shines down on the Arabica coffee as the Ethiopian farmers carefully hand-turn it at regular intervals to ensure it dries evenly. Getting it just right means layers of sweetness and ripe fruit flavors seep into the heart of those Ethiopian coffee beans. If you like milk and coffee, try Master Origin Ethiopia with dry processed Arabica with milk froth to make a cappuccino. You’ll find all the delicate floral notes still smoothly dancing through this cup of coffee with milk. All the skill of Ethiopian coffee farming still shines through milk foam.


Master Origin Colombia with Late Harvest uses only high-grown, washed processed Colombian Arabica. Can you taste the lively acidity and the burst of winey red fruit aromas? It comes from those coffee farmers who dared to wait longer before harvesting their crop. Coffee cherry – almost deep purple – hangs heavy on the branches. With each day the fruit sugars seep deeper into the heart of the coffee bean. Knowing when the time is ripe is the farmers’ skill. Master Origin Colombia with Late Harvest contains this lateharvested coffee. Like your coffee with milk? Master Origin Colombia with Late Harvest Arabica makes a delicate and creamy cappuccino. Sweet biscuit notes emerge when this Colombian coffee combines with milk froth.


Master Origin India with Robusta Monsoon gets its intense and woody aromatics from a monsooned Robusta blended into Indian Arabica. Monsooning coffees is unique to India’s southwest coast. The farmers spread out green coffee beans into heaps across wide open-sided warehouses. Months of monsoonal winds repeatedly swell and dry the beans. It mimics the journey it used to take when sailing to Europe in the 19th Century. Changing tack, Master Origin India uses monsooned Robusta instead of the traditional Arabica. It has a wild taste – woody, savory, spicy notes and thick as sea mist. f you’re changing tack, try this coffee as a Latte Macchiato. You’ll still catch the long-lasting wood and spice aromatics and all of Master Origin India with Robusta Monsoon ’s intensity. This Arabica Robusta blend makes a great coffee with milk.


If “Black Honey” processing were the easy road to a nectarous coffee, they’d all do it. But only a few farmers dare. The farmers remove this Arabica coffee cherry’s fruit flesh but then leave almost all its sticky mucilage still hugging the coffee bean when they spread it in a thin layer to dry. With daily diligence they rake and rotate and mix this incredibly sticky coffee to make sure only good flavors develop. Master Origin Nicaragua with ‘Black-Honey’ processed Arabica contains this coffee. It gives this Nicaraguan Arabica its smooth texture and sweet cereal notes. If you like it with milk froth, Master Origin Nicaragua with ‘Black-Honey’ processed Arabica makes a rich latte macchiato . As a coffee with milk, it’s balanced and has nutty, roasted notes that surface.

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