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I came across a profound post on Instagram the other day, “Look on the bright side of Lockdown; we will all come out as chefs, teachers, scientists, you name it. All of us are exploring hidden talents and discovering new exciting skills.” The other day I baked bread with the kids. We are still chuffed about it because we made something from scratch, and it turned out appetizing. Most importantly, we were creating beautiful memories in process.

We get our inspiration from Da Vinci channel, where the shows are designed to help kids better adjust to the world; teaching them valuable life lessons and beneficial educational concepts. The Da Vinci channel is available to watch on DSTV South Africa until the end of May 2020. Kids and parents can tune in to channel 318 for fun-filled and educational shows that the entire family can enjoy.

“The magic about Da Vinci is that I can watch the shows with my kids – and they actually talk about what they have learnt”

Here are some TV series from Da Vinci that are worth the screen time and are designed to help your children learn valuable skills.

1. Science Max

Our favourite show by far is Science Max. My science influence has rubbed off on the kids, and we find ourselves excited to try his new experiments every week. The beauty of it all is that you really don’t have to break the bank to make the magic happen. Most of the experiments require ingredients already in your kitchen, bathroom, rubbish bin; it’s all in your home. Phil takes your everyday experiments and makes them larger, it makes them more exciting and hilarious. These are practical lessons though, and I so wish I had such a show growing up. I might be a chemical engineer, but I still get blown away by new experiments every single time. This brings me even closer to the kids because they get to understand my world. Apparently I’m a cool mom.

2. Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch

Main reason we love Matilda is because she’s kinder than her dad, lol. That aside, she creates easy to work with recipes and the kids feel confident because she’s young and fun. 

Matilda, better known as Tilly, really loves cooking; so she takes over the kitchen and prepares a meal for her family in every episode. She creates tasty, fun recipes you can try out at home. Yummy! When she’s not cooking for her family she’s hanging out with them, taking selfies and enjoying great food and great fun wherever they go. And at the end of the day she has a foodie chat with her dad, famous chef Gordon Ramsay. They’ve got some great tips!

3. Operation Ouch

 If your family is into Biology and the human body, then this one’s for you. The doctors and identical twins Chris and Xand van Tulleken show us how the incredible and amazing body works – and what happens when it doesn’t! Check out the bugs that live on you, learn some great tricks, and meet Larry, a robot with a very unusual job! From the bizarre to the incredible, it’s time to find out what you are really made of!

4. When I Grow Up

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Someone please tell me why we didn’t have this show growing up.

This is a career orientation show that kids can relate to. Mikaela doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. All she knows is that she LOVES science.And making videos! Most of the careers she explores are ones we never thought of: a chocolate maker, a space technician, a sports statistician and many more. My teen daughter is deep into career researching and this show helps to broaden her knowledge, it provides her with options to explore.  

Da Vinci wants to help parents across the country make sure that children stay safe at home during the lockdown, while keeping them stimulated and curious through entertaining and informative series and documentaries. You can find Da Vinci on DStv (channel 318) until the end of May. It is also availble on Starsat (channel 308) and Vodacom (via Video play kids). Click here to see when your favourite show is on? https://www.davincikids.tv/africa 

Da Vinci is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, in that it encourages children and families to explore, invent and pioneer. The channel prides itself on family viewing as the core of their programming approach, with safe, non-violent, and true learning content.

Finally a kids show I can now watch WITH my kids – and who knows maybe they will become the next best chef / scientist or anything they put their minds to. The world is their oyster.

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19 thoughts on “DA VINCI TV| Best educational shows for kids

  1. Right now we are slowly adjusting, it took us a while. Sounds like a great channel to keep the kids busy especially when I’m in meetings.
    I will definitely be looking into them!

  2. I love the descriptions of all of these shows! I am having such a hard time getting my 8 year old to enjoy quality programming–he wants to watch all the rugged boy stuff, lol. I will be adding this to the lineup this week! Btw, you have a beautiful family!

  3. As a registered nurse the operation ouch is an amazing educational show not just for children but for everyone. Thanks you for this

    1. I absolutely love how versatile the channel is. Thank you for being on the front line during these hard times.

  4. Agree with you… we watch this as a family on Sunday afternoons/evenings instead of National geographic! Kids love it and dad too. 😉

  5. My nephews and niece love Da Vinci TV! They really like the shows and it’s very educational. I see them sometimes mimicking the characters in the shows.

  6. Will it be wierd if I tell you that I have not heard of davinci tv? But yes these shows are lovely. Ramsay Gordon shows are my favourite though.

  7. I’m always on the lookout for tv show recommendations fir my kids. and these sounds like an interesting premise. I’ll have to add it to my list!

  8. Ok first of all, you have a beautiful family ! And second thanks for the tv show ideas, I’m always looking for educational shows for my toddler.

  9. Wow! These are great shows. We’d love to watch Matilda. I think my daughter would love it since she’s fond of cooking. Thank you for sharing these.

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