Date Night | Maximillien Restaurant at the DaVinci Hotel

Why ‘Date night’ is a must

Once you’ve been together for a little while, many of your interactions start to become mundane, or even a little negative. You find yourselves discussing grocery lists and to-do lists. You might even get stuck in a negativity rut, but date nights give you the chance to interact on an upbeat and positive level. Date night provides a chance for you and your partner to have common, positive interactions no matter what else is going on in your lives. When you feel like your marriage is missing those smiles and kind words, date night can help you revive them!

I’ve been with my husband for 10 years now, married for 9. It’s been a beautiful journey, challenging at times. Through it all though we always choose each other. We choose to stay and make it work. Along the way we found out that date night is a must to recharge our batteries and get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life, especially in Jozi. Taking time together and letting our worries melt away is the perfect way to strengthen our marriage.

‘Date night’ with Maximillien

On Thursday we tried the ‘date night’ special at Maximillien Restaurant at the DaVinci Hotel in Sandton. They introduced the concept of a preset 3 course menu years back. What we love and appreciate is that they change the menu every season. They have now introduced the New York inspired appetizing dishes accompanied by wine, for only R595 per couple. At that price I honestly expected substandard service. On the contrary, the service was above par. The waiters made us feel at home, explaining the menu in detail to us and even timing of the dishes was perfect.

We chose the crispy calamari for starters, my mouth is still watering just thinking about it. The portions were really good for a starter. Since I indulged in their fresh garlic bread prior, I was too full for the main. Instead I took my butter chicken curry home and had to share with the kids the next day. Not a brilliant move, lol.

The husband had the flame grilled sirloin for mains and we absolutely loved that they served sweet potato fries as a side. We are both obsessed with them. He was raving about the how perfect his sirloin was, and the portion. The dessert was simply inviting. It was a platter consisting of different options of decadent indulgences, very pleasing to the eye and very agreeable to the palate. There’s a bit of chocolate, ice cream, a touch lemony dessert, and more. My struggle with ‘which dessert to choose’ was covered. I think the sharing of this platter is brilliant and romantic. Our night ended off on quite a high.

On the MENU

R595 Per couple – Includes a complimentary bottle of wine.

Every Thursday at 19:00

 Pre-booking essential


Crispy Calamari – Served with zucchini fritter


Mezze Platter – Served with flat bread, cream cheese, hummus, taramasalata, tzatziki and pimento.


Grilled Line Fish – Topped with a Cajun spiced queen prawn, served with baby potatoes and flame grilled vegetables.


Flame Grilled 220g Sirloin Steak – Served with sweet potato fries and flamed grilled vegetables.


Authentic Butter Chicken Curry – Served with handmade flat bread, Indian pickles topped with coriander.


Decadent Chateaux Platter to Share

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13 thoughts on “Date Night | Maximillien Restaurant at the DaVinci Hotel

  1. Oh wow! That looks like an amazing date night. One of the best parts of a good date night is great food and atmosphere. You definitely got those in huge suppyl

  2. This is so classic place! The foods looks so delicious. I feel the vibes on those picture. And also i even taste the food with an eye. It is prepared very good and garnish on its perfection!

  3. The restaurants sounds perfect for a date night. I like their modern menu as well. That sirloin looks so delicious.

  4. Wow, that sounds like a great place for a date night and I am sure both of you had a wonderful night.

  5. That looks like you had quite the date night. I definitely think it’s important to keep the romance alive throughout the years. When you don’t it will fizzle and that’s never a good place to be in.

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