Different ways to rock your Tulle Skirt

For the love of Tulle
 I’m a fashion lover, a shoe addict and mostly have FOMO when it comes to trends. I consider myself a yummy mommy and so love dressing up (I don’t own sweat pants).  Here’s 3 ways you can rock your tulle skirt.

The formal look

 This look is ideal for a formal event. A touch of black makes it very classy and I threw in the gold belt for glamour. I intentionally made a high waist effect to concentrate on my small waist.

The fun look

 The versatility of a tulle skirt allows you to play around and be witty. I loved this look for a family photo-shoot which was at a park. I love colour so I paired the skirt with a colourful T-shirt. And you can never ever go wrong with a touch of denim to emphasize your fun side.

The prints

 I wore this look for a an African traditional wedding. Prints just give life to any outfit. Added a touch of yellow, blue and browns. For my accessories I combined my buttons neckpiece with the Ndebele neck ring. It just merged beautifully. Wearing my Luella sandals for a more natural look. The aim here was to highlight the top part of the outfit.

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