DIY: Convert an old door into a chalkboard

Chalkboard Paint

Supplies Needed for this project:

Old door

220 sandpaper or medium/fine sanding block


Paint tray

Sidewalk Chalk or other blackboard chalk


If you follow my social media feed, you’d know how doors just captivate me. My obsession with doors developed as I grew older. I love everything wood and rustic, colour or not, the older the better. This year was a bit tough for my daughter school wise. Grade 5 is a huge step change for the kids. I decided that we are starting next year on a clean slate, literally. There’s a couple of basics and studying techniques that I have to instill in her and that entails me being her teacher. So what better way than the old school way. Creating our own chalkboard for her study room.

I took an old door which belonged to my grandma’s old wardrobe and converted it into a chalkboard. This project was fun because the kids were involved all the way. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy painting. What’s not to love right? Chalkboards are FUN! They let you speak your mind, share a thought….and then erase it when you want to start over!! Everyone can be an artist when they have a chalkboard to play with!
Using chalkboard paint – walls, decorative accessories, even furniture is enchanting and nostalgic. I’ve seen chalkboard benches, chalkboard chairs even chalkboard tabletops! And the beauty is that you can literally use it anywhere. Restaurants, your kitchen, study room, wedding décor – it just works.


  1. Use your sandpaper to level out any bumps and remove any dirt from the door. When your door is nice is smooth, use a wet cloth to remove the particles of dirt on it.


2.  Choose a paint brush size that you are comfortable with, the broader one more for the middle and you’d want to use the narrow ones more for the edges. Keep a cloth to wipe off if you make any mistakes. Chalk paint wipes off easily so no train smash.



3. Painting is meant to be enjoyed, so take your time. I let me kids join me because they absolutely love it.



4.  I went for two coats because I wanted a darker effect, also painting black on brown required double coating eliminate bits of woods showing. Make sure that the first coat is completely dry before putting on the second.


5.  Let your door dry and now its ready for use.


I’m planning to hang our door in her study room, above the study desk. This is my vision.



What about you?

Have you jumped on the “Chalkboard Bandwagon”, or do chalkboards conjure up too many memories of school for you??

I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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