Don’t we just love Wimpy – Win a heads of Characters plush toy worth R250

Wimpy welcomes the Heads Off characters
With a zest of blue, a sprinkle of yellow, a splash of purple, a burst of red and a zap of green, Wimpy welcomes the magical arrival of a group of five eccentric Heads Off characters. The Heads Off characters are eagerly waiting at Wimpy restaurants’ nationwide, to be collected by children.
The Heads Off characters’ form part of a new promotion being undertaken by Wimpy. The new Wimpy promotion will incorporate two phases; phase one will offer consumers a chance to collect all five Heads Off figurines and phase two will offer the chance for consumers to collect all five Heads Off activity books.
Each Heads Off character is unique and has their own personality, talents and they learn from each other, in order to add to their own skills. Wimpy, is giving children the opportunity to collect all five figurines of Heads Off for free when purchasing a kids’ meal. The fun doesn’t stop here and the Heads Off House can be purchased to house these figurines at any participating Wimpy restaurant nationwide, for only R32.00.
The Heads Off activity books, encompass an insightful peek into the magical and wonderful life of each Heads Off character. It is filled with adventures shared with family and friends and showcase what they like to learn.
Each restaurant will have one 30 centimeters Heads Off plush toy up for grabs. Kids will receive an entry form with every kids’ meal they order.
Whether you are travelling this holiday or staying at home, visiting your favourite Wimpy restaurant will allow for your little one to collect the Heads Off Figurines. While mom and dad are dining the kids can also be entertained with a hop, step, kick and jump through EyePlay areas at selected Wimpy’s. There are bouncy obstacles and the opportunity to whizz through colourful tunnels at Wimpy.
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CLOSING DATE – 20 May 2016

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