Even if you knew me well, you don’t know this….

So the blogging community is buzzing with the ‘blog a day’ challenge by Writers bootcamp. “Commit to write and post in 60 minutes every day of July 2014” is what it’s all about. I’ve always been influenced by peer pressure so I’m in.

I have a serious phobia of losing my loved ones. Thanatophobia. I’m not talking about that one day when you come across death and think how horrible it would be to lose your kids or partner. No.
I’m talking about walking around thinking “I would die if my family died”…. day in and day out. I worry that I’d go crazy (another phobia called Maniaphobia) if I loose one more person, just one more.
See I lost my brother due to a car accident 12yrs ago. My father lost his battle to cancer 6yrs ago.  I know pain, I’ve felt intense pain. By the grace of God I got through it. But not again. I just can’t.

I also looove boobs. Yes boobs. I think it’s lack thereof that makes me this obsessed with them. But I do. I love those round full perky ones. The ones that peak out of the bra. Trust me I’m not bisexual, nor am I homosexual. I just find boobs quite sexy.

(ok maybe too much info, but that’s one thing you didn’t know about me.)

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