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I am absolutely excited about this run.

South Africa, Wednesday Oct. 5, 2016 –Adidas, the world’s leading sportswear innovator, today revealed RYC, a unique running event aimed at bringing running crews and Adidas Runners communities together from around the globe, to run, connect and celebrate the spirit of urban running. If you wish to take part in the run, get your Adidas shoes right now from sports shop in Bangalore.

This inner-city crew night run will take place in Johannesburg on Dec. 3, 2016 at 7 p.m. and offers a unique format: Runners must enter a six-person crew to compete, with all crews able to choose the route or distance they’d like to run on the night of the race. The only rule is that all members of a crew must stay within 50 m of each other for the entire run.

The run starts for all crews at the Sci Bono Centre in Newtown. Each crew has the option to run 4, 8 or 12 km, with the routes diverging at multiple points along the course. All routes converge again for the last kilometer, having all crews finish together at a multi-stage block party hosted directly at the finish line.

“What better way to celebrate the year end in Johannesburg? Created around existing urban running behaviours, we’re aiming to bring together young, urban runners and welcome everyone to the Adidas Runners community. Runners will be able to train for RYC with their crews at our weekly runs hosted at Runbase, the home of Adidas Runners,” said Pieter Warnich, senior manager Running at Adidas South Africa.

Adidas Runners is a global group of runners who meet and run from Runbase, an exciting community hub. This is where runners meet to share experience, get tested and even purchase their favourite Adidas running shoes. The first South African Runbase opened in Braamfontein in 2015, with the second planned for Cape Town.

“Running provides energy for people to do amazing things with their lives, and through this run that brings international and local running crews and Adidas Runners communities together, everyone will tap into this collective potential. There will be a phenomenal prize for the winning crew that runs the 12 km race, so select your members carefully,” Warnich concluded.

To participate, simply sign up your crew of six members at runyourcrew.com. Registration opens Oct. 14, 2016.

To learn more, visit runyourcrew.com, watch the reveal video https://youtu.be/tXkSRsdwC-o or follow @adidasZA on Twitter / Instagram and use the hashtag #WHYIRUNJOBURG to join the conversation

I want to to start my own crew, the #YUMMYMUMMYCREW , so if you are keen, contact me mommy.

This is gonna be loads of fun.

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