Finally putting faces to bloggers

I met Laura Le Roux from formerly, and maybe a little too well on our Coca Cola Tanzania trip. First impression was that she’s a perfect mom, with a perfect family and perfect life. I was a bit intimidated I guess. How I got it all wrong. One fun crazy momma (even the name of her blog HARASSEDMOM says it all) and I’m so glad she came into my life.

A week ago, herself and Heather Step of  One step at a time arranged an amazing blogger meetup. The occasion was so fun. Everything was just on point. For some weird reason I never thought I’d enjoy myself the way I did, (maybe it’s because I’ve been to a lot of presentations, or the fact that it’s always hard making new friends)…. But this was absolutely refreshing. I finally met my lovely Cat – Juggling the act of life whose blog I read religiously. Lovely Portia from A well heeled woman and lots more mommies.

The venue – Olive Cooking School at the Free Range Lifestyle Centre
Funny because this just a 5min drive from home, but I had never been there. I loved the entire presentation of kids food, how easy it is to prepare and the yummy taste. I would recommend their cooking classes anytime. They are so funny and always offer alternatives to their recipes.

I dream of making such character filled lunches. I definitely know my kids would love it

The woman I want to be when I grow up (Zipporah Maubane) and the nutrition team from Coca-Cola shared more about how we can help our little ones with exercise. I put it to out there in the Universe, I want to work for COCA-COLA, I will be working for COCA-COLA, I am working for COCA-COLA.

Also had nutrition and baby product specialists talking to us.  But the cream of the crop was, wait for it………as my daughter puts it – the most ridiculous (which nowadays means amazing, out of this world) – GOODIE BAG.

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