Finding a perfect home for our boy

6Yrs ago, I was a single parent working full time and had a live in nanny.  What was important for me at the time was for my daughter to grow up confindent, I didn’t want my divorce to affect her at all.  And so I had to find the best school which would grow her confidence and shield her from all that happening around her.  Magic Beings at the time was the best solution.  They instilled in her the best values.  Confidence, good hygiene, communication skills, compassion, respect.  The school felt like home, we all knew each other.

Fast forward 5yrs later, and the school has doubled in size, Yes doubled.  It seems more of a business now, than home.  Superman is showing signs of creche readiness, like climbing our staircase all the way to the top (that freaked me out, story for another day), communicating more, independant…  You can clearly see that he is bored at home.  So being familiar with Magic Beings I thought I’d send him there.  But I truly was not happy with the environment.  I wouldn’t want my son to just be a number.  So I got on tiwtter (what would one do without twitter), and my crazy friend Mel from Diaries of a white mother raising a black baby recommended ‘The singing Forest’ in fourways.  I immediately googled them and I fell in love instantly. 

1.  There’s 30 kids in the entire school, T.H.I.R.T.Y.  (so child to teacher ration is 6:1)
2.  It’s Montessorri (need I say more)
3.  They recycle (who does that in Joburg)
4.  They have their little animal farm (ok, just 2 ducks and chickens, but thats amazing)
5.  They grow their own fruit (I’m still stuck at no 4)

I went for orientation yesterday and I was sold. The school is not fancy, nor is it big, but it reminds me so much of how my husband and I grew up, and those are the same values we want our Superman to grown up with.  This here is home.

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