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I remember how obsessed and determined I was to find South African mothers who survived Postnatal Depression.  I used to google “SA celebrity moms who overcame pnd”…”Black moms with Postnatal depression”….”does anyone in South Africa have pnd?” hehehe, ok I’m joking, but I was getting pretty desperate and felt incredibly lonely.  Except for Irene Bester’s (she doesn’t know how much she rescued me) and Penny Lebyane’s encounters, there was nothing else out there.

I started digging and searching, and I stumbled upon an amazing woman called Paula Levin through my therapist.  I was at the PTSD stage of pnd, so vulnerable, scared, full of doubt,shame, trauma of having gone through what I did.  My therapist gave me her number, and I am so glad I made that call.  Nothing really gives you more hope than a woman whose gone through what you have, a survivor.  Paula did more than that for me, she saved me.

I went to her book launch last week in Hyde Park (yes, very classy) and it was amazing.  I met so many different mothers, professionals and stay-at-home moms, all with one common cause, Postnatal depression. But whats more amazing is her book, which I finished reading in a day.  If you know anyone who might be going through pnd, or is struggling as a new mom, buy her this book, It will give her comfort and hope.

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