Giveaway time – Messi Foot bubbles worth R500

This week’s giveaway is absolutely exciting and brought to you by Just Fun Kidz. The Leo Messi Foot bubbles are so much fun to have that the whole family will love it.

Who doesn’t love soccer, better yet who doesn’t love bubbles? Your kids would definitely love you for this one.

See the video below for a demonstration

Have you got what it takes, to take on the greatest? Step up with Messi FootBubbles and juggle FootBubbles like the greatest soccer player in the world! The secret is the winning team of FootBubbles Super Solution and Messi Socks. The Super Solution is specially formulated and made to bounce with your feet when used with the specially designed Messi socks. Juggle FootBubbles by yourself or keep the bubble bouncing for as long as you can with your friends. The more you play, the better you get.

Keep practicing and perform awesome tricks like ‘Around the World’, ‘The Twirl’ and the ‘Back-heel Tap’. Create your own tricks and amaze your friends.


– 1 x Messi branded sock
– 1 x Bubble blower
– 1 x Solution tray
– 1 x Messi super solution
– Socks come in 4 assorted colours

– 2 x Messi branded sock
– 1 x Soccer bubble blower- 1 x Soccer solution tray
– 1 x Messi super solution
– Socks come in 4 assorted colours




– 4 x Messi branded socks
– 2 x soccer bubble blower
– 1 x soccer solution tray
– 1 x Messi super solution

The Giveaway:

I’m giving away 1 Messi Starter Pack 3, which consists of 2 pairs of socks. Simply comment below, and your name will go the draw. The giveaway closes on Tuesday 8 August at 12am, after which the winner will be announced on the MrsXLifestyle Facebook page, and then emailed.


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20 thoughts on “Giveaway time – Messi Foot bubbles worth R500

  1. Looks like a fab little present for a young child… Especially when they’re a bit younger and football might be a bit too rough for them. What a great product that you’re giving away!

  2. My son is loving soccer , he is just not sure of who the players are yet, he would love the Messi foot bubbles for after his soccer ⚽️ practice at school ( he’s only 6)

  3. Oh my gosh this is so cool! I would love to try this. I like playing soccer with my family but we love bubbles too so the combination would be EPIC!

  4. My son is so obsessed with Messi, everything he does is for the preparation of his ONE and ONLY career as ‘Hlogi” :Messi from SA. The giveway will be a great collection for the preparation!

  5. That’s such a great idea. My niece will definitely like it. He is an avid fan of Messi, He would go ballistic for this package.

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