He is…

I find that everytime I go through some life changing challenge/experience in my life lady luck dances around me.  To me, this is God’s awesome way of reminding me that he loves me, through it all.  See when I was going through my divorce I had absolutely nothing in my name(except the one thing that matters, my daughter).  I had to start at the bottom, I’m talking spoons, plates, all my tupperware, my egyptian bedding… and yes, even my exquisite lingerie collection. Anything that was of material value was stripped from me (I actually chose to leave it all behind).  But a year later I had everything I ever lost, and more.  Family and friends just pitched in (not in the lingerie bit, that would be awkward, lol) and wow, my God just kept on providing. 
A week ago, I won a R5000 voucher from a competition that I don’t even remember entering. Last month my son won R1200 followed by a R250 naartjie voucher through a baby magazine.  Yesterday I won a baby hamper in another magazine..And all this happened in the midst of my PPD

I don’t know about you, but I truly believe he is an amazing daddy…

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