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These past December holidays we decided to give ShowMax a try. My kids (a boy and a girl) are now 5 and 11 years old. An entire 6-year gap. When they are happy, they get along. So much so that you can’t get in between them. They stand up for each other and are such a united front. It’s during these days that I feel absolutely blessed and thank God every minute. Then, there are days of “Why did I rush into having kids?!”, though technically I was of the right age. It’s just so hard sometimes. My 11-year-old is like Candace Flynn from Phineas and Ferb. She reports ON EVERYTHING. EVERYTHIIIIIING. “Mom, he said poop, isn’t that a swear word?”. “Mom, he is acting like a baby again.” “Mom, he is breathing.” … Aaaaargh!



Little brother, on the other hand, enjoys testing his sister’s patience. He really takes pride in the fact that he is the last child. I’m pretty sure that there’s a manual called “How you should act as the last child” out there somewhere, circulating among all the last-born children only.


My in-laws live in Port Shepstone, a 7-hour drive from Johannesburg. Add 2 hours for toilet breaks and that makes it a 9-hour trip. Put yourself in our shoes. 18 hours in total of travelling with whining kids, and really who can blame them, I mean there’s only so much “I spy with my little eye” that you can play. A friend had recently introduced me to ShowMax with a trial voucher for 14 days. We decided to pack our MacBook with, and try it out. My hubby is quite a techie so he was more than happy to set it up. Especially because we’ve been hunting for an alternative to DStv, which is starting to cost an arm and a leg.

The most important thing was to make sure that the kids would have uninterrupted viewing – and with ShowMax you can download up to 25 shows to your tablet or smartphone and watch offline! That’s perfect for car trips. We then made sure our tablets and phones were charged. (By the way, you are not limited to smartphones, all you need is a smart device to view from. This includes mobile phones and tablets via iOS and Android apps, laptop and desktop computers using a range of web browsers, and Samsung and LG smart TVs.) Concerned that your kids viewing ShowMax, will expose them to inappropriate adult content? There’s no need to be alarmed.  ShowMax has child-friendly profiles that limits what your kids can watch and makes sure they can’t accidentally stumble on something that’s only for adults. There are four different age settings and mean you can let your kids watch, worry free.

We kept it a secret for a little while and 3 hours in, when Candace started coming out, we decided to let them watch some cartoons. They couldn’t believe it. I mean, unlike bringing DVDs to watch, they were catching up on cartoons they missed and movies they’ve never seen before. They were glued to the screen and concentrating the entire time. It was a pleasant break for mommy and daddy, and easier than I expected, really. This was the first time we actually enjoyed a road trip together.

We haven’t looked back since that day, and to be honest, it has been a hassle-free journey on our side. We connect comfortably at home and are pretty much used to ShowMax now.

If, like us, you are looking into exploring different alternatives, then visit and sign up. You can sign up using your Facebook profile. It’s just the click of a button. You then have the option to try out the 14-day free trial or to subscribe using a credit card, PayPal or a voucher.


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  1. We’ve been toying with the idea of getting this… need to investigate more. I love you description of the relationship between your kids… it’s that love love relationship 🙂 🙂

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