To honour the one who raised you is a gift

This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, 12 May. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to give the person who raised you and played the role of mother in your life something nice to uplift their spirits. It’s a day to honour a nurturer who raised you, your children, or other children in the community with a meaningful gift. It is never too early to get a Mother’s Day gift; thoughtful gifts make the rest of the week all the more enjoyable for the recipient.


Mothers have great influence in society and in the absence of our biological mothers. We find that our guardians, aunts, grandmothers, sisters and sometimes brothers end up playing the role of mother in our lives. These non-biological mothers also deserve to be celebrated on Mother’s Day. That is why NetFlorist has dedicated Mother’s Day 2019 to thanking all the people who raise children, nurture others, and take people under their wing.


Apart from Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day is NetFlorist’s biggest occasion of the year. All mothers should be acknowledged and thanked often, but especially on Mother’s Day! The florist and flower delivery site is helping South Africans from all walks of life celebrate mothers through their unique gifting offerings­­.

Every year, there are thousands of Mother’s Day gifts sent by friends, family, and partners to brand new moms whose children are a little too young to send gifts. Mother’s Day is a time to honour all the women in your life who have supported and nurtured you.  While you’re choosing the perfect gift for your own mom, don’t forget about your grandmother, mother-in-law, and all the other influential women in your life.

Mom’s don’t always have a Wishlist of what they want for Mother’s Day. Luckily NetFlorist created gifts to suit all kinds of moms; from the working mom, the perfectionist mother, home-schooling mom, the unpredictable mom, to the best friend mom, the sister-mom, the brother-mom and the gogo-mom.

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