How to keep warm this winter? By giving.

I haven’t been on here for a quite a while, hectic but I’ll fill you all in later.  For now lets move on to important things.  I love calling this the “Self actualization” stage in the Maslow’s hierachy.  
If you haven’t met Tanya Kovarsky then you probably live under a rock.  This woman is amazing, super mom/hot comrades marathon champ/excellent blogger/editor/lover of converse, hello kitty and Apple gadgets.  I’m addicted to her blog: RATTLE AND MUM
Please read the invite below and lets support a good cause.  If not for her, then do it for me then. 
Here’s a message from Tanya:

Gauteng families – you’re invited to a playdate #GraceFactorySocial

I’ve written about The Grace Factory before here and since we love good causes, cupcakes and meeting other moms and their kids, we’re organising a playdate.

Sharon of Blessed Barrenness asked a few of our friends/favourites to help us, and so the party is on and we’d love you to join us. We’re collecting as much baby, kids and maternity/mom stuff as we can, so if there’s anything you no longer need, we have a home for it (The Grace Factory distributes to many needy organisations around Gauteng).
A huge thanks to Jump n Play will be hosting us and also providing free coffee and 30 minutes of free play time for all the children there, to Catherine Scott Photography who will be taking pics, to Belle’s Patisserie for the red-velvet cupcakes, and to Andrea Barras for the divine invite that she designed.
Really really hope to see you all there!

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