I’m in love with my wedding invitation

4 yrs into our marriage, we are finally having the big celebration. Dear husband just desperately wanted to relay his undying love through a ceremony. Not that I mind, but I’ve never been those girls who dreamt about the big day. Honestly, I love weddings, other people’s weddings though not mine. It’s just too much work. And with my anxiety diagnosis, I can’t afford to be stressed.

See, my perfectionist nature makes everything incredibly difficult. I plan and replan to the core. I live on pinterest. My trust levels are non-existent, so delegating is definitely not my strong point. But as much as I’m a creative DIY bride, there are some things I leave to professionals.

Our theme is Shabby Chic/Vintage. As I searched for inpiration for my invitation, I came across the most amazing website called the Secretdiary. I always judge professionalism based on how quick you get a response from a company. How detailed their response is. They won me over from the first email. After sending endless requirements, weird requests and time changes, this was the final result.

Passport wedding invitation

I love how real it looks, it even have a passport no.

This photoshoot tied the entire concept perfectly

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