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I met Tash a couple years and ago and I completely fell in love with her. Andy and I had just formalized things by moving in together. Miss Flower Jackson had formed a bond with him and I was completely in love. We found it only fitting to go for a family photo-shoot to celebrate this milestone.

We met Tash at a park and she had brought along her family. She wore a pink top, had pink highlights on her hair, and held pink balloons. It was blatantly clear that PINK is her favourite colour.
I actually remember how nervous I was (the perfectionist in me couldn’t help it). I wondered if she understood exactly what it was I wanted. And so the shoot began. She guided us through each shot. By the 3rd shot we were completely relaxed. I think its in the way she cracks jokes. Or maybe just how she lets you be. Not a lot of forced posing, just being you. This was the day my husband proposed and I think these photos definitely captured our emotions on that day.

When I saw the photos for the first time, I was overcome with emotion. Perfection. She is much more than I expected. I could see the love and passion she put into her work. As she puts it “Taking Photos is my Deep in the belly, feel good thing. Some people eat chocolate, I take photos”.

And just like that, I had found our family photographer. Natasha Whiteley. She became part of our family, maternity shoot, Olu’s birth…. She understands her clients and she’s extremely open minded. To her each shoot is a new challenge, a new project. If you see her work you’ll know how diverse she can be. And her photos are timeless.

My favourite portfolio has to be the NEWBORN, boy can she make a woman broody…

Superman was a froggy before being superman

I don’t even have words for this photo… My son, my world

With the loss of my dad, I realized the importance of capturing moments. Photography takes an instant out of life, altering life by holding it still.

Now grab a cup of coffee, a box of tissues and visit Natasha Whiteley here

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