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I know one should never label/classify/profile their kids as it limits their potential, and they drown in their comfort zones. I know that yes. Yet it comes as second nature to do so. We have always knows our son as more of a sports fanatic than an academic. Why? Because he would leave class in the middle of an activity to go on the trampoline. And we have been ok with that, until his teacher discussed how he loves story time. It dawned on us that we have been limiting him. We just assumed that because he is good at sports, he is not that interested in academics.

When I discovered the Kids Book Club I was extremely excited. For us it meant improving on our part as parents in terms of educating our boy. Better yet, hassle free.

They deliver best selling age appropriate educational, activity & reading books to your door each month from R145pm!

The Book Clubs cover children aged from 0-9 years old. Each month, we hand pick 2 books per age group. They cover all book types from touch and feel for babies and toddlers through to activity and reading books for older children.

If that’s not enough, here are some more reasons to join:
• You also get 2-3 Magazines (valued at R100) for Mom & Dad FREE every month.
• You can manage your Book Clubs easily online.
• You can add additional Book Clubs at discounted rates: 2nd Child – R99pm, 3rd Child – R89pm.
• You can add a Reader to your Book Club for only R99PM.
• You will receive a FREE Themed Carry Bag every month.
• You will support a charity. KidsBookClub.co.za will donate R1 to Bokamoso Educational Trust every month.
• You get access to over 20 FREE activity & colouring work sheets.
• Your delivery is included (there is no extra fee). Joining is also FREE.
Your subscription is commitment FREE (it automatically renews each month but you can cancel anytime).

The excitement on Superman’s face when his delivery arrived, absolutely PRICELESS. He enjoys his books so much. We set aside reading time at night, and during the day it’s activity books. For such a good addiction, honestly the price is well worth it and more.

Visit the Kids Book Club website to learn more on how to join … http://www.kidsbookclub.co.za/

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