Letter to my son Carnival birthday

Letter to my son | Happy 8th Birthday

Everyone says my son is just like his father, but I see myself in him—his tender soul, his need for love and approval. And because he is the last child I have raised, I fear for the little things that happen to him, and hope that we are doing right by him, making the right choices, leading him (without smothering, without neglecting) in the right direction.

As his 8th birthday approaches, I take note that he has a good life. My husband and I have a loving, solid marriage. He has an over protective sister, a nice group of friends, a small, nurturing school.

Letter to my son Sibling love birthday

You are perfect

I remember how you were just 4 years old yesterday, and today you are turning 8. You’re kind and considerate. You’re generous with your time and love. You work hard and play hard. You’re funny, silly, goofy and lovable. You’re obedient and listen to instructions. These are all the traits I wish for you as you grow up. My goal has always been to raise a happy, kind, generous, hard-working, and responsible boy. Thanks for making my job as your mother so easy.

This birthday feels like a big one for me. You don’t play with toys as much as you did because you would rather be outdoors playing sports. You dress like an older child, wearing athletic gear constantly. Your clothing size is a big game changer for me since now, you do have to shop in the “youth” section, and can no longer get away with shopping at the little boy’s section.

Your Favourites

Food: Sushi, Pizza, pancakes, cheeseburgers and Cake
Activities: Swimming, soccer, video games, bike riding
Toys: Remote controlled cars, Fortnite
TV Shows: Power Rangers, Amazing world of Gumballs Movies: All Minion movies Clothes to wear: Anything sports-related! You enjoy looking like a football player, so you do this thing that drives me insane where you tuck in your shirt into your shorts, and you wear your football gloves all the time!

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18 thoughts on “Letter to my son | Happy 8th Birthday

  1. This is a heartwarming and sweet post. Remember this time you wrote it and in the future him reading it. 🙂 He may stay good as he is now. 🙂

  2. Such a sweet letter for your son on his birthday! My sons are much older and it really makes me wonder where all that time went! Yesterday they were toddlers. Today, they are grown men! Anyway, I wish your son a happy birthday! You are a great mom and I am sure he is grateful for everything you do.

  3. How cute and sentimental! I’m sure he will adore reading this when he’s older and looking back on the wonderful times he had with you, his mother.

  4. How cute and sentimental! I’m sure he will adore reading this when he’s older and looking back on the wonderful times he had with you, his mother.

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