Loss, Love & the value of a Family photoshoot

I’m a hoarder when it comes to photographs. I don’t think I’m particularly photogenic, not at all. In actual fact I grew up hating photos. Then I lost my brother in a car accident. A couple of years later, my father succumbed to cancer. In the early stages of loss you just can’t get a person out of your mind. I would see my dad’s face everywhere, from morning and even in my sleep. I felt his presence, I smelled his scent and would hear him talk to me all the time. So no, not in a freaky literal way. This is so much harder to explain but you get me. He was gone yet he was here.
Then days go by, and you start thinking about them for half the day. Life goes on. You fall in love and get married. You have kids and new job opportunities. You celebrate, you laugh, you live… One day you wake up and realize that a week has gone by and you haven’t thought about them. Guilt creeps in. How dare you get happy, who are you to move on? Then Anxiety hits like a ton of bricks. WHAT IF SOMEDAY YOU JUST CAN’T REMEMBER THEM ANYMORE? What if? And so I collect photos for these reasons.
1. Photos are like music, they possess soothing powers. When you see a photo your immediately go back to the place you were, the environment and emotions you were feeling. What better way to reminisce than with pictures.
2. Nowadays we are all chasing paper money and moments just pass us by. You want the best for your kids so you sacrifice on the time you should spend with them. Photos will always remind you that you were there. You captured the moment.
3. Every time my daughter see’s her baby photos she becomes ecstatic. This has helped build her esteem because she feels that she’s always been precious to me, a priority. Being a product of divorce, she needed to see this. It was affirmation to her that she was never a mistake and always dearly loved. Your kids need to know that they paly a huge role in the family unit.





This photo shoot was done by the talented Eve Meyer. I love her natural use of light.

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One thought on “Loss, Love & the value of a Family photoshoot

  1. Pictures….. Love them . And Eve is so talented . I've used her for 4 photo shoots (yes I'm obsessed) I aim for 2-3 professional shoots every year

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