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This past couple of weeks we’ve been baking up a storm and making up for Lost time with Golden cloud. With work, creating content, being a hands on mom and wifey, I often feel absolutely overwhelmed. I look at my kids and feel that I have deprived them so much. At times I wish I was my mother, who was a teacher and used to get home before 3 pm every day. The memories of us creating magic in the kitchen have stayed with me to this day. So when I discovered the Gold Cloud ready mixes I jumped at the chance to create the same magic with my kids. I wanted to give them the beautiful childhood I was given growing up.

We created these cupcakes in 30 min
Mint muffins with real mint bits and a chocolate center

Golden Cloud Guarantee

Golden Cloud caters for moms who choose to bake their family treats, rather than just buy them ready-made, because they love to offer up that home-made taste. And the thought that they can play just a little role in filling your home with the sweet smell of joy is why they do what they do!

Baking up delicious family memories is easier with flour carrying the Golden Cloud Guarantee. It’s a promise that your favourite flour will always offer the same soft, light and fluffy texture you know. And that it will remain the fresh ingredient you can rely on to light the smiles on your loved ones’ faces, time and time again. Placing trust in this promise gives you the freedom to express your love and creativity, by baking-up infinitely versatile recipes, and serving-up that authentic home-made taste.

Why choose ready mixes

  • Those mixes are created to no-fail so you can’t really screw it up (unless you really try)
  • Saves time while affording you the opportunity to bond through baking.
  • Consistent product every single time – from a taste, appearance, crumb etc point of view
  • It’s designed to be VERY easy to do
  • No special stuff needed (as opposed to running around looking for specialty ingredients)
  • Easier to cost out. You’re not at the mercy of vanilla/egg/etc shortages and the price tends to fluctuate down more often than up
Gorgeous Chocolate cake with vanilla icing and Oreos

Why choose Gold Cloud

With Golden Cloud Ready Mixes you can save on ingredients you would have to buy if baking from scratch. Be confident that your baking will rise to the occasion every time. You can explore endlessly versatile recipes with every mix, and you can make them your own by getting creative and adding your own special secret ingredients. You’ll bake up a quick and easy 20 minute storm – giving you all that extra time to share with your family!

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  1. Thanks for this recommendation MrsX, I saw your posts on Instagram and decided to give it a try. I’m officially sold.

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