My father’s daughter

I always say “WE SERVE A MIRACLE WORKING GOD”, and the more i say it the more he keeps them coming.

This year has been so overwhelming, and God has taken each and every heartache and turned it around.  I am a living testimony.

On one Saturday afternoon, my mother decided to tell me who my father is, just like that, out of nowhere, after 33years.  I cried for days, anger, frustration, rejection, pain and RAGE. I could never understand why my mother would keep such a big secret from me, something I made abundantly clear I needed to know.  What type of mother does that? Why? A couple of days after finding out my dad gave me a call.  We were both so nervous.  But he kept at it, day after day, calling to reassure me of his love and acceptance.  We met.  The most nerve-wrecking  day of my life.  We sat there for 5hours, looking into each others eyes, with disbelief.  We talked and talked, and every now and then he would shed a tear.  One thing he said, that stays with me all the time is that “I plan to be active dad, present in your life everyday, filling in that hole you’ve had for years”.

My father is a church Pastor….. unbelievable that I’m the pastor’s daughter.  I mean when everyone was doing everything right by the book, I went out of my way to do the opposite.  I really don’t think there’s one commandment I haven’t broken from the bible.  Sex before marriage, Divorce, Sex before marriage, Lying, Sex before marriage …. (lol, you get the drift).  But you know what they say about the pastor’s kids…..

After our meeting, the anger just melted away.  If my dad, a man who knew nothing about me for 33yrs   could forgive and accept, who am I to get mad.  I will never know what was going through my mother’s mind keeping such a secret for so long…..It might be the fact that they were best friends, or the fact that it was a once off thing, Maybe the fact that my father suffers from Albinism…I will never know.  I believe we all have our imperfections, and our own little demons to deal with. So I forgive and let go. One thing i know is that I will strive to be a better mother, to be open with my kids all the time, to be as honest as possible even if I’m scared.

As for my dad, he is an amazing man.  Intelligent Advocate (it explains where I got the brains from), chaplain for ANC, a man possessing a lot of inner strength (he is albino, I admire and love him so much more for making it though and breaking the boundaries of discrimination), a natural born leader (hello, that’s me right there).  We literally talk every single day.  I feel so blessed, so favored.  We have a lot in common, I am definitely my father’s daughter….

God can turn your situation around, no matter how hard and unbearable.  I say once more “We serve a miracle working God”.

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  1. Yes we do serve a miraculous God. This brought tears to my eyes. I can't imagine being in your shoes. Congratulations, here's to a wonderful and blessed relationship with your papa

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