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So husband and I celebrated our wedding on Valentines day. There’s huge chemistry between us yet we are not the most Romantic couple, but we figured hey, why not kill two birds with one stone. From now on we celebrate Valentines and our Anniversary at once. As much as I’m a perfectionist at heart, I’m also that logical girlfriend. He is so lucky to have me.

5 facts about the X’s:

1. We met on New Year’s Eve in Swaziland
2. We were literally hooked up by our best friends, who have been married forever.
3. We used to fight a lot in our first couple of months of dating….only to find out that the long distance made us MISERABLE.
4. I’d like to think that he left everything in Durban to move to Jozi for me, not a new job… lol
5. He proposed within a year of dating, he says he just knew.  We have officially been married for     5years.


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