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Getting the word out

I remember how obsessed and determined I was to find South African mothers who survived Postnatal Depression.  I used to google “SA celebrity moms who overcame pnd”…”Black moms with Postnatal depression”….”does anyone in South Africa have pnd?” hehehe, ok I’m …

Natural light is amazing

So this week, I’m looking at how playing with light and posing can change a photo….this is still a part of silhouette as you’ll see

Model:  Miss Flower Jackson
Dressed by: Model’s own
Accessories: ToysRus
Agency: MrX Modelling Academy …


I am finding my old self again..
One huge contribution towards my recovery is photography, I am doing something that I love, something that is mine alone…

This past weekend’s lesson was to do a silhouette

Meet my models, The …

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