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Time Machine Anyone?

My daughter is ecstatic because she’s going for her first official sleepover.  Official as in it’s not at her cousin’s house, or close family friends.  Yes she’s 7, and to most thats considered late, but if you knew the …

Getting the word out

I remember how obsessed and determined I was to find South African mothers who survived Postnatal Depression.  I used to google “SA celebrity moms who overcame pnd”…”Black moms with Postnatal depression”….”does anyone in South Africa have pnd?” hehehe, ok I’m …

Natural light is amazing

So this week, I’m looking at how playing with light and posing can change a photo….this is still a part of silhouette as you’ll see

Model:  Miss Flower Jackson
Dressed by: Model’s own
Accessories: ToysRus
Agency: MrX Modelling Academy …

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